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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've gone walk about!

Thanks to the lovely Kirsty Peterson, she's helped me set up a Wordpress blog which is where I've moved to.
Sorry for the mucking around, but you can now find me here

See you over there!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Whooo! Whoo!

Hope everyone's weekend is going well. We had 3 extra kiddies stay here last night and they were all so good. As the kids get older they seem to just want to do their own thing and are just off in the bedrooms or playing outside for most of the time - until it's time to eat!LOL One of the girls wanted to do a photo shoot (yay! always good practise) and then I taught her how to play around with the photos in photoshop.
We've done nothing else productive with our weekend, which has been nice actually.
A yell out to fellow ASS DTer Jaimie who's celebrating a b'day today!! She shares a b'day with my father in law!
Congrats to Carole and Nic who have both recently joined the ASS DT. Great to have both you girls join us!
Here are the title pages I've done for the kids albums I've started.

I've been loving doing these albums so much and have already completed 7 pages for each of the 3 albums. The kids are so excited about their albums and can't wait till they are finished.
These are the owls I did for the Tarisota quiz 'who is who'. These chipboard owls are so addictive and I couldn't just stop at 1. This first one I painted the chipboard white and then I mod podged fancy napkins over the chipboard pieces.

This second one was created completely from felt. I traced the chipboard pieces onto the felt, cut the out and then glued them all together. Love the little felt balls!

This third one was done by covering the chipboard with pattern paper, sanding the edges and then adding some jewels.

Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome back to blogging. I'm missing my typepad blog. I can't reply to blog posts from blogger. I might think about getting another typepad account in the future.

I've got a little RAK to give away.

To win these Elsie frame packs, leave me a comment and I'll put all the names in a hat. Come out of lurking if you're a lurker - I'd love to meet you!

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