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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Signature Stamp

Check this out!!!I loved the look of Nic and Jen's signature stamps so decided to get one. I found this lovely lady Cath who makes them via her online site check it out here. I just did my signature on a piece of paper at home (I used the larger tip of a zig writer) then I scanned and emailed the signature to Cath and here it is in my hot little hands just a few days later! The stamps come unmounted and are a fantastic price!

On to a totally different subject. My baby girl took to her beautiful long hair with the scissor yesterday! She had hair half way down her back and just decided that when I asked to go into her room and put some shoes on yesterday morning that she would instead give herself a trim! So she now has a little bob cut - which does actually look very cute!LOL She wanted to keep the hair that was cut off and give it to Daddy! It was quite a sight her trying to stick it on his bald patches with glitter glue last night!LOL
On the scrapbooking front I've been working on my last FK DT projects this week. It's been a great challenge working to a 'brief' each month and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Good luck to all the new girls who have been picked to take over!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Swaps and Stuff!

A couple of weeks ago the girls on Scrap Needs decided to do a layout swap and I was so lucky to have the talented Kelley Forrester do a layout for me! She gave it to me at the retreat and I just absolutely love it to bits! What a brilliant job Kelley has done with this layout, I can't believe how well she matched the colours to Annaliese's shirt! Love the bling and tied ribbons too! Thanks so much Kelley - into my swap album it goes!And I got to do a layout for the wonderful Jan from Scrap Needs forum and give it to her at the retreat also! I had fun doing this layout, the pinky bit of cardstock at the top lifts out to reveal another photo from Jan's daughters b'day.
A few weeks ago I contacted lots of the current and old ASC girls to see if we could put together a bit of a surprise for the wonderful Shari - a bit of a cheer me up as she's been through some tough times of late. We organised a get together but unfortunately it wasn't able to happen (hopefully at a later date) we also put together some inspirational tags and some money for a spa voucher for Shari. I just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone that was involved! I know that Shari loved receiving the package in the mail! Here's a pic of the tags that were made.

Good luck to all the footy tippers this week! I was coming 3rd on a scrappers one I'm in after last week, but I haven't done all that well this week! Fancy the Kiwi's getting up and winning!LOL

Friday, March 24, 2006

This one time on Scrap Camp........

The lovely Fiona Kahler has sent me some of the 'fun' photos from the retreat! Fiona is such a cool chick! After arriving half way through dinner on the Saturday night she slipped right into the fun atmosphere even getting in the spa with her clothes on!LOL As you can see it all started at dinner, our dinner came out very late and so we kept ordering drinks and hence filled our empty tummies with grog! Next minute Shell was doing a count down and we were celebrating New Years Eve!LOL I'm sure the other tables wondered what on earth was going on!
When we got back to the resort the spa just looked too inviting so we all piled in, drinks and all. Thanks to the kind girls that went back to the restaurant to get more bottles of wine! And thanks to Kell who is the best boss ever and let us girls be silly when we were suppose to be in the scrap room playing games!LOL
After the girl at reception asked us ever so nicely to hop out of the spa we all took the party back to Shell's room and here we are in the bottom left photo doing a lovely little dance to Robert Palmers 'simply irresistible'These are still the tame photos, so we'll just leave it at that! This is another layout I did as a sample for my demo at the retreat on foam stamps. I love this one! The girls in the photo are friends of the family.
Thanks for all the comments of support about teaching my first class soon. I found out that the class is actually booked out! I'll let you know in a couple of weeks how I went!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More retreat stuff!

Another couple of photos, this is the lovely Kirst from the Scrap Needs forum on the left and the sweet Carol on the right! The photo of Carol and I was just after I'd done my demo on foam stamps! I gotta tell you, I don't think I'm cut out for this teaching stuff! It was my first time and it was just a short 15 min demo and I was a barrel of nerves! Eeek! Gotta teach my first class at a LSS in a couple of weeks, so let's hope I'm not as nervous then!LOL
Here is a layout that I did for my demo as a bit of a sample.
I'm still trying to get back into normality here at home after 4 days away, it's amazing how quickly everything piles up!
Thanks so much everyone that posted a comment about the retreat and the photos. Yes, I know I was very brave/silly sharing those awful photos of myself, but hey, it's all in good fun!!LOL
I feel so lucky to be able to go on weekends away and just a few short years ago I would never have dreamed that I'd be going away and having a blast with lots of new friends! Gotta love this craft!
Speaking of new friends, one of my lovely new friends Libby had an op today, so best wishes for a speedy recovery for Lib - sending big hugs south of the border!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What a weekend!!!

I haven't laughed so much, drank so much and scrapped so little in ages!!LOL What a fabulous weekend meeting so many lovely, sweet, funny, friendly and crazy girls!
I won't go into all the details, but it was the best retreat I've ever been to. Even though I didn't scrap much, it was more of a girly weekend for me! I think Kim scrapped more layouts than me and she was only there for a few hours!LOL I want to thank Kellie for such a wonderful weekend, all her hard work definitely paid off and I know that everyone else I talked to had a fantastic time! And big thanks to Kellie, Shell and Jen for driving us everywhere and to Ange who also did some carting around too! A big wave to everyone that I meet over the course of the weekend, it was terrific to finally meet you all in real life. Here are some photos from the weekend.(top to bottom: Regina; Shell, Leisa; Jen; Michelle)(top to bottom: Roz; Fiona; Shell; Sally and I having the most delicious hot chocolates ever at a place called Max something)(top to bottom: Kellie; Libby; Kylie,Jacqui & Sally(the girls I went with); Reggie, Michelle, Kelley, Sara, Angela & Jen)And Rozzy might kill me for these photos, but this was the tame photos from Saturday night (top to bottom: Roz & Reggie; Ange & Jen; Poor Kell with her two drunken DTers; and this last photo says it all - this is the lovely Jan having a close encounter with this terrible drunk woman!LOL)
I forgot to say too, thanks to the wonderful Michelle Grant for doing my make up so that I would look half decent for Rachel's photos on the Sunday! Your a gem Michelle!!!!!

That's all I can manage for now, I still have more photos and need to send some rather large cheques to others that have photos on their cameras that should never see the light of day!LOL I hardly have any voice today and we're running late, so will get back here to add more at a later date!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Retreat, here I come!

Thank you sooooooo much to all the lovelies that left messages on my blog about my Scrap Needs projects and about having a good time at the retreat! You are all Super fantastic - Thanks muchly! Rest assure I will have a whopper of a time at the retreat! Infact, Miss Michelle Grant is arriving in just a few short hours time! Then in the morning - very early in the morning, we are off on an exciting truck ride to the airport! Yes, poor Michelle doesn't know it yet but Jason is driving us in style to the airport in his dirty, old smelly truck!LOL Just the start of a fun adventure!
So I've been running around like a chook all morning trying to get everything done, had to fit in a trip to the salon to have my brows waxed and eyelashes tinted. OMGosh! The girl butchered by brows!!! She took a chunk out of one of them and even left wax in them!!! So after inspecting them closer at home I marched back down there and got them to fix them up! The boss lady wasn't happy with the young girl, which was a bit uncomfortable, but I really couldn't leave them like they were. So she cleaned them up and also had to put some dye on them so that the chunk was as obvious!LOL They look much better now!!
Just got a phone call from the sewing centre to say my new machine that I ordered was in too, but unfortunately I don't have the time to go pick it up today, so it will have to wait till next week!
Ok, some sharing. Here are my swap tags I've made for the retreat, quite plain, but quicker to make than the ones I did for ISC. Not the best photo of me either, but then again I don't like any that are taken of me!LOLAnd here is my name tag - had fun playing with this one!Ok, must get and finish some ironing (yuk) and bring the washing in etc. etc.!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone, think of me at the retreat, running amuck with the girls and I'll update you all next week!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


1 More sleep till I go buy a new suitcase to pack for the Scrap Needs retreat!
2 More sleeps till Michelle gets here to come to the Scrap Needs retreat with me!
3 More sleeps till we fly out to the Scrap Needs retreat!

Do you get the picture that I'm a wee bit excited!!?? (as Rach would say!)

And this week my March project for Scrap Needs went up in the idea centre! Here it is! I'm going to fill this lunch pail with swap tags to take to the retreat and when I bring it home hopefully it will be packed with tags I've received in return!I also made this clipboard to give to Kell (owner of scrap needs) for being a wonderful boss lady!And this door hanger for Kell's daughter Sophie.Just loved working with the Simply Fabulous range from MM.
I'm feeling in a huggie mood today, so consider yourself cyber hugged if you are reading this!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hip Hip........Hooray!

The party in the park for Annaliese went so well! Apart from the soccer sign on day that was there too with all the millions of kids and parents!LOL We played the usual games - pass the parcel, musical chairs - yes, we took down our own chairs so we could play this and batteries in the cd player!
Last night Annaliese also had one of her best friends sleepover who couldn't make it to the party. Her b'day seemed to spread out over a few days!LOLHere's the tradional cake stuffed in mouth shot!LOL

And the winner of the question about what Annaliese had for breaky on her b'day was............................Anthea!!!! Yay Anthea! She actually had her favourite, cinnamon on toast!

Now for the tag by Miss Rozzy!

What scrapbook lines/products, etc. do you dislike?
The yukky paper that looked like vomit that I had to use for a product challenge for SM a little while back! Can't think of the name of it, but boy it was awful!
What is the hardest thing you have ever had to scrap?
The above mentioned paper!LOL
What technique do you use more than anything else?
I would say cutting, I'm always cutting out pattern paper! Followed closely by stitching.
What is the smallest scrap of paper you save?
Well, I've been known to keep thin strips of bazzill, use them on a layout and win tickets to ISC!
Have you ever had any scrapbook related injuries?
I agree with Roz, headaches from being on the computer too long!
Finish this sentence, "If I wasn't a scrapbooker/stamper, I would spend my money on..."
Expensive linen! I love good linen but don't usually buy the ones I'd really like!
Give us your best storage or organizational idea:
Go through your stash regularly so that you know what you've got!
You just won a week long scrapbooking cruise for 5. Who is going withyou?
I'm going to cheat and say 5 groups of people!LOL My Friday cropper friends (local group of girls I scrap with!) All the friends I've met through ASC, All my new Scrap Needs friends, My New Zealand friends and My mum (so she can meet everyone too!)
When you received your first publication notification, who did youtell? And if you are not yet pubbed, who will be the first person youshare the news with?
The first person I told I think was Jason, but followed closely by my mum and sister!

Ok, I tag Beck, Evana, Shazz and Steph!

Friday, March 10, 2006

5 Today!

My baby girl is 5 today!!! And she's just so excited about it all! Here she is this morning, so pleased to be taking 25 cup cakes to preschool to share with her friends, her face looking all glossy because she'd just plastered sunscreen on! And what do you think the b'day girl wanted to eat for breaky on the morning of her breakfast??? The first person who can guess I'll send a RAK to!!!
What a shocking job I did with her piggy tails this morning too!LOL

I've also been tagged by Miss Rozzy, will get to that over the weekend some time!

WOOHOO!! Only 1 week till the retreat!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's a birthday week for us with Annaliese's 5th b'day on Friday and my sisters 30th on Sunday! We can't get together with my sister on the weekend as they are going camping and we decided not to go and to stay home and have a party for Annaliese at the park with her friends.
So last Sunday we all got together at the Ettamoga (sp?)Pub on the way to the Sunshine Coast and had lunch. Here's a pic of my sister - Kat and the girls.
Kat gave Annaliese a huge make-up set for her b'day and Sunday afternoon we had makeovers at our house!LOL What fun that was!
Thought I'd share a layout that I've just done, that I don't particularly like. This layout just didn't come together, but love these photos of my nephew Jack! And thanks to Sally for lending me her sewing machine to finish off some projects after my old machine finally died last week! I'm off to look at buying a new one today!!
Dancing with the stars This is the first series that I've watched and I'm mainly watching because I'm a Kostya fan! How fantastic is he doing??!!!!
Go KOSTYA!!! I can't believe how much they are babying Simone Warne! She clearly should have been the one to go last night and the judges didn't even mention her mistakes she made during the routine! I thought Grant was such a crack up!!

Things are getting very busy now with the Scrap Needs retreat looming. The lovely Michelle Grant arrives here in 8 days!!!! I can't wait to get on that plane to Newcastle next Friday!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

What's a man to do!!??

All the rain we've had lately has interrupted Jason's work, so he's been hanging around the house, sleeping in (which he just hates!LOL) working on his car and he also decided to give the tree in the front yard a bit of a trim!LOL It was nearly touching the power lines and so he decided it had to go. Nothing like a man swinging an axe in his King Gee's!(insert wolf whistle)
I've been scrapping every day nearly, but most of it I can't show yet. I can tease a bit though!LOL
Here is a peek at my March DT project for Scrap Needs!
And here is a peek at my swap tags for the Scrap Needs retreat that is less than 2 weeks away!!! Can't wait to get on that plane to Newcastle!
More exciting news! This week we got the preliminary plans of some townhouses that we are building this year on an investment block we have. It's scary and exciting all at once!!
I can show a little something I made the other day. A door hanger for Leisa (that owns scrapsidaisy) daughters with some of the products Leisa sent me.
Last night I went with a few girlfriends to watch our very talented friend Sally Clifford in a play she was performing in! It was so fantastic to see her up there on stage and she hammed it up superbly!!! Sally is an extraordinary girl, she's a mother of 4 little children, she home schools, she runs a business with her hubby, she waterskis, is an actress and talented scrapbooker! She's truly inspirational!

A big thanks to all the people who drop by my blog!

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