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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


1 More sleep till I go buy a new suitcase to pack for the Scrap Needs retreat!
2 More sleeps till Michelle gets here to come to the Scrap Needs retreat with me!
3 More sleeps till we fly out to the Scrap Needs retreat!

Do you get the picture that I'm a wee bit excited!!?? (as Rach would say!)

And this week my March project for Scrap Needs went up in the idea centre! Here it is! I'm going to fill this lunch pail with swap tags to take to the retreat and when I bring it home hopefully it will be packed with tags I've received in return!I also made this clipboard to give to Kell (owner of scrap needs) for being a wonderful boss lady!And this door hanger for Kell's daughter Sophie.Just loved working with the Simply Fabulous range from MM.
I'm feeling in a huggie mood today, so consider yourself cyber hugged if you are reading this!

WOWEE!!!! Just gorgeous.
I am feeling the love!!! WOW on the RIBBON! lol.. you are a serious ribbon tying addict!!! Love the projects. Seriously LOVE them. Lucky buggers recieving them. And that taggie box is jsut awesome.

Well you have outdone yourself again, just love everything, and I am sure your boss lady is going to love the clipboard, have a lovely time Chris, you lucky duck.

OMG those are the most gorgeous things, especially your TAG TIN - it is SUBLIME, stunning work Chris!!
PS Glad the Bday party was tops and everyone had a great time.
Lee L.
ooh, lots of yummy creations here Miss Chris! love the pics of your girls & the cupcake eating expressions - way too cute. have a blast at the retreat, oh what fun!! xo
Lucky me, lucky Sophie - you are too nice Chris! I'm afraid you won't be getting a tag from me for that gorgeous lunchbox.
Yes, only 3 more sleeps, lucky me. At least I can look forward to meeting you and some of the other lovelies coming, even if i have to work my butt off til then LOL.
Thanks for the cyber hug !! Sending one back :)

Tin, clipboard and door hanger - amazing !! That tin is fabulous and yes....that's a serious amount of ribbon!!

I'm sure Kell and Sophie will love them.

Debbie K
Thank you for the cyber hug, Chris. I can feel it. I saw your gorgeous creations on 2peas and just fell in love with them. How lucky are the recipients of those gifts and, I have to say, I just love love love that lunch tin. I keep looking at it. It's is really beautiful.

Have a lovely time away.
Christine have you got your house all tidy for Michelle yet??......hehehehehehe
Not fair I sooooooo want that to be me + see your girls + to be told I talk funny!!! And hang with Jac + Sal.
But wishing you a FABOOOOOOOULOUS time!!!
oh look at you go Chris!! How am I to compete with that for the love of our boss lady? ROTFL!!

Cya Friday! woohoo!
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!!

need I say more??
Absolutely, positively gorgeous work. The tag box is fantastic.
oh i just love all the things you make Chris! Just gorgeous girl!

Have an awesome time at the retreat!
They are just gorgeous Chris, you are quite the prolific scrapper aren't you!
very gorgeous Chris! those papers look great and thanks for the hug.. you made me smile
ohh Chris i love the lunch pail!! [had to tell you again :)]

Hope you have a great time at the retreat
Cyber hugs back Chris. Just love your stuff. Very inspiring.
WOWEE Chris! You produce the most delicious work.....love it! Thanks for dropping by my blog again and have the best time at the retreat!
Wow Chris, you have done it again, you work is fabo-licious.
Have an awesome time at the retreat.

Love the idea of the lunchbox for all your tags. You are just too clever :). Have the best time at the retreat!
Totally gorgeous - all 3.
totally scrumptiously-booty-licious chris....just love that lunch pail.
you certainly are on fire
oh....and let me just say that i hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat - i am sure you will surrounded by all those amazing scrappers.
looking forward to the update and report
stay safe

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