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Sunday, April 16, 2006

New Blog

Click here to find my new blog.

Thanks everyone that does take the time to read my blog!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Bits and pieces

Found a link to this on 2Peas,
type in your name and create your own slogan! Each time you type your name in it gives you a new slogan for your name.

Some of mine are:

Dial Down the Chris
Come to life. Come to Chris
Go Crack a Chris

And some for Jason:

The real smell of Jason
It needn't be hell with Jason
I'm a secret Jason drinker

Just a little bit of fun anyway!LOL

In other news - Leisa from Scrapsidaisy has started her own blog! It's in my side bar if you want to check it out. Also with some other new blog names I've entered - Chrissy Berry, Lauren Rhodes and Carole Jason. You gotta check out the work Carole has just done for Junkitz on her blog - awesome!

Cath from stamp search has just updated her website, you can also this out from my side bar!

I felt so inspired by the latest issue of FK that I did a little run down of all the things I love about it this month. You can check out what I wrote here

I don't have any work to share today, so will leave you with a funny photo of my nephew Jack. He'd just lost one of his top teeth and the other one was just hanging by a thread - he looks so cute!
Oh, and how can I forget to thank my wonderful mum for having the girls at her house for the past 2 days. They have such a terrific time when they're with mum. She lives near the beach so she walked them down to the beach yesterday morning - they took pancake mixture and made them on a bbq by the water for breaky! What a special Nanna!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Something exciting!!!

Finally I can let the cat out of the bag about this one. A couple of months ago I was asked by Aussie Scrap Source if I would like to be their first 'Guest Designer'! I had to create a layout with products from their site (which wasn't hard as they have the most awesome products on their site) and I also had to provide step by step instructions on how to create the layout. ASS then compiles the layout, instructions and products into a kit and will sell them to Scrapbooking stores all around Australia! The idea is that Scrapbooking Stores will buy these kits for the teachers in their stores to teach as a class. How cool!! Anyway, if you want to check out the layout click here then click on the 'products' menu in their sidebar and under the very first category you will see 'May class kits' my kit is the third kit along called 'Dazzle with Diamonds'. I want to say a big thanks to Rach Axton from ASS who stepped me the whole way through the process and was a great help when it came to picking products and staying under the budget! Thanks Rach!!!

Some work to share! Here is a mini canvas I made for Leisa from Scrapsidaisy to display in her store. I got to meet the lovely Leisa at the Scrap Needs retreat in March and she is just as wonderful in real life as she is chatting online. I love doing work for her little shop at Wingham and she's also just put one of my very talented friends 'Debbie Kingston' on as a design team member as well! Congrats Deb! Some of Debbie's work can be seen in the Scrap Needs gallery under 'Debbie K'.
Some of the footy tipping girls are doing a bit of a layout swap at the moment, and here is the layout I created for the lovely Lauren Rhodes Thanks Lauren for giving me such a cool photo to work with!
Yesterday was the wonderful Kirsten De Forest's b'day - I hear she turned 21, well, that's how young this girl looks!LOL Hope you're day was great Kirst and that you get your computer fixed up really soon!!
Lastly, thanks for all the b'day wishes for my big, beautiful girl Shayla - I'm still coming to terms with being the mother of an 8 year old!!LOL She's a loving wonderful daughter to have and such a terrific big sister to Annaliese (most of the time!LOL).
And thanks to all the newbies that have left have left me comments lately and to everyone that takes the time to stop by and have a read!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I've been RAKed!

I came home today to find the most delightful surprise on my front door step! Check this out!The lovely Annette from Blossies, one of the my local Scrapbooking Stores left me this most gorgeous 'wish box'! It's their month kit that has the theme of 'chocolate' this monthly! It's filled with terrific little embellishments, lovely fabric pieces and custom designed letters. It's all contained in this Melissa Frances Box and also has an accordian album in it! I feel so so lucky and very grateful - thanks so much Annette! Click here to see how you can get a hold of one of these fantastic 'wish boxes'! Can't wait to use mine!!!

I'm so excited that I've totally forgotten what else I was going to write!LOL

That's right, yesterday afternoon I did my first online class with the fabulous Jaimie Emmerton! It was heaps of fun and Jaimie designed this awesome layout for us to create! I used my own papers and love the end result - Thank you Miss Jaimie!
Yesterday morning was Shayla's 8th Birthday party (she turns 8 tomorrow), we had 15 kiddies here for a morning of pass the parcel, musical chairs and other such games, party food and lots of giggling. My mum was on hand to help (couldn't have done it without you mum!) and everyone had a great time! Here is Shayla look gorgeous in her new b'day clothes from her Uncle & Aunty
A big happy birthday to Michelle G and Tracey C today!!!! Hope both you girls are having a fabulous day and getting spoilt thoroughly!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

And the winner is???????????

Number 30 - LARA!!!

Lara was the first person to guess! How ironic is that??!LOL We just did the draw in true party style - pin the tail on the number! I thought cause it was Shayla's b'day party today that we'd have a bit of fun with it and she pinned the tail on number 30!
Lara could you email me at cmmillar@optusnet.com.au and we'll organise a stamp to be made for you! Congrats!

I'm feeling in the party mode and have decided to give a runners up prize too! And the next number that Shayla pinned the tail on was.................................................. Number 41 - Ruthy , so Ruthy you have won a little Junkitz Ruler mini book. Hope you like it. Can you also email me you're address please.

Enjoy your Saturday night everyone!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The cutest little Bilby

The girls had their Easter hat parade at school yesterday, both at different times in the day which I was unaware of, so I only got to see Annaliese's. Isn't she the cutest little Bilby you've ever seen??!LOL Look at those paws!Cause I don't have a photo of Shayla with her Easter hat on I'll show you a photo I took a couple of weeks ago of how long her hair is! It was very dry on the ends and we've had it trimmed since then.And here are the new stamps I design and Cath from Stamp Search made them up for me. I had been looking everywhere for a crown stamp and now I have one!!!!Watch out for these stamps on a layout soon!
If you're not doing anything on Friday night, drop over to Scrap Needs, we're having a cyber crop!!! Will be heaps of fun I'm sure!

Ok, I've got a little RAK to give away. You have to leave a comment on my blog and say a number between 1 and 50. On Saturday night I will put all the numbers into a hat and get one of the girls to draw out a number.The winner will get to design their own stamp and have it made by Cath from Stamp Search. (*size of stamp not too big)

Happy Birthday to my Father in law or as we like to call him 'Super Grandad' he's such a wonderful grandad to my girls and I'm so thankful that he plays such a big part in our lives!
And Happy Birthday to Jaimie Emmerton!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Professional Photos

The photos that Rachel Greig took at the retreat arrived in the mail yesterday! What a whiz she is with the camera! Check out these photos! (ok, self critism: should have put a colour in my hair before the retreat, and need to learn to open my eyes when smiling!LOL But Rach did a brilliant job getting rid of the 'chins'!) I love all the group ones! Here's a couple of the fantastic girls I get to work with on the Scrap Needs Design Team, Jen Hall, Roz James and Shell LancettAnd here are some other of the girls that sat at the 'noisy' table at the retreat - and Miss Rach in the middle!
A big thank you to Rach for the superb job she did with the photos, she was so easy to work with and made us all feel comfortable!
The lovely Miss Libby is back on deck and blogging again - photos and all! Yay Lib!

Monday, April 03, 2006

FK Issue #41

I haven't got my hands on a copy yet, but here are my two DT layouts for this issue.
The first one is a $12 budget layout. Gosh it's hard to do that when you're trying to do it (if you know what I mean!LOL) I do love these photos of Annaliese on Anzac day. Shayla marched in the parade that year, so it was so exciting waiting for her to come marching along!And my other project was to do an Easter related project. I did a 8x8 layout that went into a frame. (Max did a class on these at ISC - thanks for the idea Max) This photo was from Easter 2 years ago but I still love it. This isn't a very good photo of this, hopefully FK photographed it better.
Thanks for everyone's comments on my first class. I rang one of my other local scrapping stores searching for a particular paper today and she also asked me to come and teach a class - I think I would be no-where near as nervous the second time round!LOL Speaking of classes, I'm going to be doing one of Jaimie Emmerton's on Saturday! Really looking forward to that - she's going to teach me how to do boy layouts!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My 1st Class

I survived!! I can't believe how much I worried and stressed about doing my first class and it was really fantastic and heaps of fun! (I know, you're all saying 'I told you so'!!LOL) I was very lucky to get a great bunch of girls to work with who were all quite experienced and just worked at a really good pace and even understood my instructions! They have asked me back so I must have done alright! Poor Jason, he had to sleep on the lounge last night as I was grinding my teeth so loudly from worry!LOL Anyway, here is a photo of the wonderful girls in my 'mod podge canvas' class.

Stamp - Thanks everyone for your comment on my signature stamp, I'm currently working on some more stamps for Cath to make for me. They are so cheap that I can't just stop at one!! So if you are looking for a particular stamp and can't find it just draw Cath a picture or download a clip art and she can whip one up for you! My signature stamp was only $11.20 unmounted, how cheap is that??!!! Here is the link to Cath's site again: StampSearchWithCath

Photos - I'm so excited because Rachel Greig has put together a CD of the photos she took at the retreat of me and they are in the mail on their way here!!! You can take a sneak peek here at some of the ones she took at the retreat - how clever is she?? The photos are just stunning of everyone and will be cherish I'm sure! Thanks Rach!!!

Birthdays - So many of my lovely friends are celebrating birthdays at the moment. Last Wednesday/Thursday was my cropping buddies Penny's & Tracey's b'day and my other cropping buddies b'day is on Monday - Miss Sally and today is Rozzy's b'day!
So a big group HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all!

New blog colours - Yes, I've changed my blog colours and can't for the life of me remember where on the template to put my banner, so when I work it out I'll have a banner pic back up there!

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