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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Professional Photos

The photos that Rachel Greig took at the retreat arrived in the mail yesterday! What a whiz she is with the camera! Check out these photos! (ok, self critism: should have put a colour in my hair before the retreat, and need to learn to open my eyes when smiling!LOL But Rach did a brilliant job getting rid of the 'chins'!) I love all the group ones! Here's a couple of the fantastic girls I get to work with on the Scrap Needs Design Team, Jen Hall, Roz James and Shell LancettAnd here are some other of the girls that sat at the 'noisy' table at the retreat - and Miss Rach in the middle!
A big thank you to Rach for the superb job she did with the photos, she was so easy to work with and made us all feel comfortable!
The lovely Miss Libby is back on deck and blogging again - photos and all! Yay Lib!

These are all such beautiful pics Chris!! Stop putting yourself down - they look fantastic!!!!
Gorgeous Photos!
beautiful photos Chris!!!
Stunning photos! You look fabulous in them all.
Wow wow wow Chris - lookin' great, you sexy thing! They all look fantastic!
they're beautiful pics
you have the most gorgeous SMILE !!!
i love these pics of you chris....you gorgeus porgeous goddess you.

Great photos and great LOs.
These pics look great. Ain't nothing wrong with the pics of you either.
Hey there you sexy thang !!! Beautiful photos Chris, I would be proud if I were you. Nothing wrong with the hair colour or the smiling eyes !! Gorgeous, gorgeous....would love to have Rachel take a photo of me and they come out that good !!
Debbie K
They are terrific photos - that Rach is talented eh. I'm so glad she came, wish I'd had one taken now!
Hey there, I recognise some of those gorgeous girls!! :) Looks like a *fabulous* time was had by all at the retreat Chris, lots of FUN! :) and it's been so great catching up with you through your wonderful blog too! Hugs! Chrissy xx
Wow, fantastic photos. Looks like a blast!!
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Chris those photos are fantastic. And your work in FK is awesome.
Thanks for the message re Rach. Have let SO know she's gone awol!
Lovely photos. Just got Issue 41 today & your LO & door hanger look fab in there.
These piccies are fantastic Chris...Rach is awesome.
Chris these are magic!! Rach had good moels to work with though too - I can just imagine you all laughing and carrying on!!

You all look fab!

Megan xx
Gorgeous Photos, Rachel does a lovely job too! You look great Chris!
Hi Chris!
I'm so pleased you like your pics :) You were heaps of fun to work with :):):)
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