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Saturday, April 01, 2006

My 1st Class

I survived!! I can't believe how much I worried and stressed about doing my first class and it was really fantastic and heaps of fun! (I know, you're all saying 'I told you so'!!LOL) I was very lucky to get a great bunch of girls to work with who were all quite experienced and just worked at a really good pace and even understood my instructions! They have asked me back so I must have done alright! Poor Jason, he had to sleep on the lounge last night as I was grinding my teeth so loudly from worry!LOL Anyway, here is a photo of the wonderful girls in my 'mod podge canvas' class.

Stamp - Thanks everyone for your comment on my signature stamp, I'm currently working on some more stamps for Cath to make for me. They are so cheap that I can't just stop at one!! So if you are looking for a particular stamp and can't find it just draw Cath a picture or download a clip art and she can whip one up for you! My signature stamp was only $11.20 unmounted, how cheap is that??!!! Here is the link to Cath's site again: StampSearchWithCath

Photos - I'm so excited because Rachel Greig has put together a CD of the photos she took at the retreat of me and they are in the mail on their way here!!! You can take a sneak peek here at some of the ones she took at the retreat - how clever is she?? The photos are just stunning of everyone and will be cherish I'm sure! Thanks Rach!!!

Birthdays - So many of my lovely friends are celebrating birthdays at the moment. Last Wednesday/Thursday was my cropping buddies Penny's & Tracey's b'day and my other cropping buddies b'day is on Monday - Miss Sally and today is Rozzy's b'day!
So a big group HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all!

New blog colours - Yes, I've changed my blog colours and can't for the life of me remember where on the template to put my banner, so when I work it out I'll have a banner pic back up there!

Well done on surviving your first class Chris...of course you will make a wonderful teacher!!! and how happy do they all look with their finished creations :0)

Congrats on your first class.
Chris nice photo, looks like everyone had a ball, all holding up their creations. I am really pleased it went so well.

Congrats !!
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Congratulations on completing your class. I knew you'd be fine.
Kirst xx
like you had anything to be nervous about chris....lol. i am so glad it all went so well and that the ladies enjoyed themselves so much.
i saw the pics on rachel's blog the other day - would love to see the rest. you all looked like such stunners....not hungover in the slightest....rotfl
have a great weekend buddy

Congrats on your first class Chris! They all look really happy and no wonder with you teaching. Yay!!!
hmm, told ya so!!!! lol!! I'm so glad it all went well for you missy!

Thanks for your b'day wishes!! :o)
congrats on your first class Chris!!! I knew you'd go great :):)
Ya to your first class. The worse is over now! Love all those Rachel Grieg photos. Boy what a great retreat that's comes with that sort of service at hand!
You all look gorgeous!
I knew you would go great in your first class....Love the new banner...
Congrats on your first class - I can identify with those first time nerves big time!!
Your new banner is fabulous!
Hey Chris, so happy the class went well, you're a pro now :) And the new colours of the blog are great, loving it :) Oh and postie stalking starts today, I hope the other photos turn out great :)
Well done Chris !! Huge pat on the back from me !! Love the blog colours and banner too.
How awesome are those photos from Rachel? Hubba hubba on the sexy photos !! My favourite is the 'blowing kisses' one...so soft and pretty !!
Have a great week.
Debbie K
Congrats on your first class Chris. They would have loved you.
well done on your first class chris!!!
Chris, of course they loved you. All the ladies look so happy to be in your class and what gorgeous canvases they've done.

Well done you. :)
Well done on your first class Chris, the girls look like they are thrilled to bits with the finished product too!!! I taught my first class in Feb and was absolutely scared to death ROFL so I know how you felt. :)
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