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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The cutest little Bilby

The girls had their Easter hat parade at school yesterday, both at different times in the day which I was unaware of, so I only got to see Annaliese's. Isn't she the cutest little Bilby you've ever seen??!LOL Look at those paws!Cause I don't have a photo of Shayla with her Easter hat on I'll show you a photo I took a couple of weeks ago of how long her hair is! It was very dry on the ends and we've had it trimmed since then.And here are the new stamps I design and Cath from Stamp Search made them up for me. I had been looking everywhere for a crown stamp and now I have one!!!!Watch out for these stamps on a layout soon!
If you're not doing anything on Friday night, drop over to Scrap Needs, we're having a cyber crop!!! Will be heaps of fun I'm sure!

Ok, I've got a little RAK to give away. You have to leave a comment on my blog and say a number between 1 and 50. On Saturday night I will put all the numbers into a hat and get one of the girls to draw out a number.The winner will get to design their own stamp and have it made by Cath from Stamp Search. (*size of stamp not too big)

Happy Birthday to my Father in law or as we like to call him 'Super Grandad' he's such a wonderful grandad to my girls and I'm so thankful that he plays such a big part in our lives!
And Happy Birthday to Jaimie Emmerton!

love those stamps & what a cool idea for a RAK!
I say 30!
Cyber crop sounds fun too, just have to work out the time difference!
WooHoo love little comps......all the *lurkers* come out! *Waving* hehehe
I say 22!!

Hey Chris...looooove your stamps!!!!! And your new pics i the post below look gorgeous :o)

Ok, I'll guess 32 ;D

Luv Karen xoxo
yeeeeeeehaaaaa I love comps LOL

How about number 35 LOL sounds lucky to me!!

Yep me too!

love a comp!

so Mrs Millar I say 13

by the way I loved your.. 'how we met' story on scrap needs... thats quite a cute love story you two have there...

Lib xxx
Gotta love a comp... My pick is 17

How long is Shayla's hair!

Cool stamps, Chris :)

Number 29 for me please (the perfect age ;))
LOL - I too love a comp Chris, and those stamps are sooooo cool. I say 36


Hi Chris,

Love reading your blog and love your work. Thinking of a number, I'd say 48
Chris I can't resist a RAK -I liked to be spoiled but very rarely am. Boo Hoo. LOL. My favourite number is 9 so I am going with 9. Still enjoying reading ur blog.
I love that crown too! Wow.
I choose the number 40 - that's me for another two months!
Great stamps Chris. I think I may have to go and visit her site with some doodles!! Ha!

No. 11 for me please.

Love your stamps! Found your blog through Lee I think! Love it!!

My number is 14

More great stamps!!! Wow, love them. And the comp. I'll go for number 2. Thanks.
Hi Chris, how cute are those bilbies??

I will throw my hand at 26.. my age and birthdate at the moment...

See ya!
well miss chris...is there no end to your generosity - i suspect not....you are such a sweetie.
my lucky number has always been 20 so i will go with 20.
can't imagine what kind of stamp i could design though. i love what you have designed....no end to your talent either i see *wink*
have a great day you gorgeous thing you.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
whoops - how about 4 (as Phillipa had my 29!) - 4 - for number of girls I am crazy enough to have!

should of asked me gorgeous! I got my fantastic crown stamp from stampit! I jsut need a funky looking heart one now!
Wow, Shayla's hair is gorgeous !! So thick too...lucky girl.
I'm putting my guess in for Number 4 !!
Love the crown stamp too !!
Deerrr, should have left my name with the last post.. Sorry Chris !! It's me with number 4 !!
Debbie K (dumb blonde of the week!)
OMG Chris! Those stamps look awesome! Well done girlie!

I'd better have a go at this challenge too- sounds great!

44.....as someone already has 4 which is my fave, so I'll try and double my odds lol!
LOL !! There's a few of us that seemed to want number 4 !! Unfortunately Jen got in before me (by seconds !!) so I'll change to number 5, pretty please????
Also, forgot to comment on cute little Annaliese and her bilby costume. Obviously the teacher that paired them up is not a scrapper and didn't think to colour co-ordinate the pairs for parents taking photos !!
Debbie K
What a cute bilby!!!
I will go with number 16!!! Awesome prize Chris!!! You are a sweetie!!
Wow what beautiful hair your daughter has, wouldn't mind pasteing som of that to me LOL!
Good on ya with the stamps! Might drop by with the Cyber if I can.
Now number between 1 and 50?
I'll go for 41 that's my age at the end of this month!
Ruthy x
Hey Chris, yep I'll cyber crop tonight!! Oh your girls are too cute & thier hair, oh I would just die if only my girls had hair like that, they are the queens of slow growers!!

Also I love your photos!!! but very dissapointed that the Sexy design Team photo didn't get put up!!!!
Look at how long Shayla's hair is now! She reminds me so much of my Emmy before the big chop! :-) Your little bilby looks very cute too.

Love the stamps, how gorgeous are they?! Aren't you a sweetie with your RAK Chris. OK I'll say number 38 since that's how old I am now! LOL
Well Chris, I've never seen a cuter bilby. And beautiful hair.

Sal, I have the 'sexy' DT photo on my disk, might put it up on my blog so that we don't scare the Scrap Needs customers away.

'See' you at the Cyber Crop - hope you and Roz aren't going to drink too much and desert us for the spa!

My favourite number is 13 as both my sweetie and I are born on that day, but the bloody Libster beat me to it, so I'll have to go with my age - 21.
Cute stamps....that crown is gorgeous!! Okey dokey - how about number 1 please!!
Take pity on the pregnant chick and let me win - roflpmsl!!
Lee :)
Cute stamps....that crown is gorgeous!! Okey dokey - how about number 1 please!!
Take pity on the pregnant chick and let me win - roflpmsl!!
Lee :)
28 please :o)

Love those stamps!
Well Chris I am quite amazed at the people who have left a number so I thought I better too - i say 9.
OOO, I love those stamps! they look great.

her hair is long isnt it! I had long hair growing up, and always wore it out, now I cant stand it out, it has to be up!!!

if I get wesley off to bed early I might get to pop in tonight, heres hoping!!!
OK, for a Numbar, 3, my fav Number
pick me pick me!!! what a lovely idea Chirs.. I pick 31! I loved being 31!
Those stamps are just too cute!
If I may enter the drawing (not sure - since I'm in Sweden), I'd like number 23, please (my birthday!).

And anyway - WOW again! :)
how precious is your little girl's hair!? and i'm loving the stamps - what a fabbo idea! hoping i'm your lucky number ;o)

has noone picked 7? Lucky number 7?!

So Chris, are you going to get mass copies of those stamps made....especially the crown one...too cute..... you are one talented little bunny.

Steph x
Hey Chris...love your stamp designs.
Arn't you a kind litle chicky babe givin away yet anothe RAK.

I'm picking number 50

Hi Chris
I pop by every now and then to see what you are up to. What a cute bilby she was !!!
mm all the good numbers are gone. how about 33 ? or if that has gone 43.
Oh dear I'm just scraping in LOL! Can't believe how long Shayla's hair is! And those stamps - I LOVE that crown! I "drew" one a la Ali Edwards on a recent layout, I would have given anything for that gorgeous thing!

I'll have 49 (4 for April 9 for tomorrow - my birthday!). So as it will be my birthday you have to pick me! ROFL have fun with this!
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