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Saturday, April 08, 2006

And the winner is???????????

Number 30 - LARA!!!

Lara was the first person to guess! How ironic is that??!LOL We just did the draw in true party style - pin the tail on the number! I thought cause it was Shayla's b'day party today that we'd have a bit of fun with it and she pinned the tail on number 30!
Lara could you email me at cmmillar@optusnet.com.au and we'll organise a stamp to be made for you! Congrats!

I'm feeling in the party mode and have decided to give a runners up prize too! And the next number that Shayla pinned the tail on was.................................................. Number 41 - Ruthy , so Ruthy you have won a little Junkitz Ruler mini book. Hope you like it. Can you also email me you're address please.

Enjoy your Saturday night everyone!

Hey Chris I have a feeling you just wanted to play pin the number on the donkey and needed an excuse lol.. congrats to the winners... and where is you challenge page Miss??? have a great Saturday night yourself! x
Way cool Chris - have sent you an email.
**Congrats** Lara and Ruthy!! :-) Hope Shayla had a lovley b'day party Chris, sounds like it was heaps of fun! :-)
Wow see I know this '41' is going to be a good thing for me! Not one to usually win much, (except my hubbies heart! ok I know that's mushy, but true) Thanks heaps for the all the fun Chris.

Well done Shayla for picking Lara and Ruthy !!! Two worthy winners. Hope you enjoy your prizes.
Debbie K
congrats to lara and the divine miss ruthy...you are a generous soul chris.
have a happy sunday

WOW, lucky girls, I hope the birthday girl had alot of fun!
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