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Monday, April 03, 2006

FK Issue #41

I haven't got my hands on a copy yet, but here are my two DT layouts for this issue.
The first one is a $12 budget layout. Gosh it's hard to do that when you're trying to do it (if you know what I mean!LOL) I do love these photos of Annaliese on Anzac day. Shayla marched in the parade that year, so it was so exciting waiting for her to come marching along!And my other project was to do an Easter related project. I did a 8x8 layout that went into a frame. (Max did a class on these at ISC - thanks for the idea Max) This photo was from Easter 2 years ago but I still love it. This isn't a very good photo of this, hopefully FK photographed it better.
Thanks for everyone's comments on my first class. I rang one of my other local scrapping stores searching for a particular paper today and she also asked me to come and teach a class - I think I would be no-where near as nervous the second time round!LOL Speaking of classes, I'm going to be doing one of Jaimie Emmerton's on Saturday! Really looking forward to that - she's going to teach me how to do boy layouts!

Lovely LO's Chris. I think it's quiet clever how your two girls faces are within the basket handles almost the shape of an easter egg, don't know if it was meant to be like that but clever anyhow. Can I come to class too LOL! I have two boys too, but I'm a girly girl and find boysie pages more challenging.
I love the photos in your Anzac page. they are so lovely. The page it tops too. I've never done 8x8 but you've given me some insperation.

Lauren x
They are both gorgeous Chris..I don't buy FK so I'm really glad you post here, otherwise I'd miss your fantastic work.

Hey..love the siggy stamp too, really cool
Hi Chris!

You are a clever booger.
Oh, I'm so glad that your class went well. And, no I won't say I told you so, lol! Glad they asked you back though. That's great!
Loved your layouts - have you got your FK yet? I got mine yesterday. I really like the little framed Easter layout.
Chris they are fantastic LO's in the FK mag :) Your Aussie Pride one actually got put in the "Blue" section. I remember you emamailing us saying "How much are the corners??" How dare they change thier minds. That mag must be run by women LOL.
these are great Chris
love your signature stamp too - might have to get me one of them !!!
Oh Chris I love the new blog layout - looks very girly and fresh!

And I love that layout of yours in the mag. Very clever lady you are!

Megan xx
Love the LOs in FK Chris! Sounds like you had fun with your class! I'm currently in the throes of making a DVD and it's majorly scary ROFL! Enjoying your blog!
lucky you, I wish O could get into one of those classes, oh well not long now and Shane will be home, and I will get to do one, BUT I get to meet Jaimie!!!!! so ner!
WOWZA!!! Chris you have done it again...I love your ANZAC page and your Easter project is just georgeous.
you have inspired me to try doing a 8x8 page too....I have always wanted to give it a go.

M xx
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...!
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