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Saturday, March 04, 2006

What's a man to do!!??

All the rain we've had lately has interrupted Jason's work, so he's been hanging around the house, sleeping in (which he just hates!LOL) working on his car and he also decided to give the tree in the front yard a bit of a trim!LOL It was nearly touching the power lines and so he decided it had to go. Nothing like a man swinging an axe in his King Gee's!(insert wolf whistle)
I've been scrapping every day nearly, but most of it I can't show yet. I can tease a bit though!LOL
Here is a peek at my March DT project for Scrap Needs!
And here is a peek at my swap tags for the Scrap Needs retreat that is less than 2 weeks away!!! Can't wait to get on that plane to Newcastle!
More exciting news! This week we got the preliminary plans of some townhouses that we are building this year on an investment block we have. It's scary and exciting all at once!!
I can show a little something I made the other day. A door hanger for Leisa (that owns scrapsidaisy) daughters with some of the products Leisa sent me.
Last night I went with a few girlfriends to watch our very talented friend Sally Clifford in a play she was performing in! It was so fantastic to see her up there on stage and she hammed it up superbly!!! Sally is an extraordinary girl, she's a mother of 4 little children, she home schools, she runs a business with her hubby, she waterskis, is an actress and talented scrapbooker! She's truly inspirational!

A big thanks to all the people who drop by my blog!

Oh wow - I want to be a Sally Clifford!! She sounds amazing Chris!

Your tags and SN item all look fantastic Chris, and not to mention the door hanger. You do such beautiful work - I love it all!

Megan xx
(insert wolf whistle) go man LOL!
Where's the surviving tree? LOL!
Love your view (the land I mean!!!)
My hubby who also needs good weather to work had a good laugh too) Hey I love your door hanger and those projects look exciting of what we can see of them, ribbon say no more, one of my fav embellishments!
come scrap with me Chris I need some of your talent to rub off! those teases look awesome I can't wait to see them!
come on you got to give a full view of those tags as I won't be there to see them!!!
Look at you making Jason working hard while you take pics of him.........hehehehehehe.
And yep you know I love that doorhanger.
You are a tease!!! Well the little preview looks gorgeous! Love the pinwheel on the door hanger. (wink!)
Ooh, love the teasers, they look fab! I will pray for better weather - nothing worse than a grumpy DH around the house, lol. Although, he does look like he's putting his spare time to good use.

Another retreat. Sigh. Maybe one day I'll get to one. Have a great time!
oooh forgot about the plans!!!
how exciting - hopefully this will make things hum along quicker for you guys!!!
Hi Chris,

Whatever it is that you have created what I can see of it looks lovely. Love the tree trimming LOL!!

Lol at you!! and it must be nice for your hubby to be able to get back outside!!!

Lucky you with all your scrapping!! am so jealous!! Have packed half my stuff.. sob!!!
WOW, chris, you really have been bust, I cant wait to see your DT project, and I wish I was going to the retreat to meet with you and the other lovely ladies, maybe another year!!!!

gee Sally Clifford souns like one busy lady!
Wolf whistle coming from here too....love a man in his KGees !! Well that's one heck of a tree trim!

The sneaky peeks are looking good!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sally at ISC last November and she certainly had me blown away with her time management skills!! She's such a little stunner too.. don't know how she does it. But when she's famous, I'll be able to brag to everyone that I got to meet this fabulous, talented lady!!

Debbie K
Just got to love DH's doing manual labour (Jason would just die if he new all us ladies were having a drool), I just love Mark when he's on his motorbike, Oh boy big drool, but it's sold :) Oh well I'll just have to drool over him wakeboarding when we get the boat.

Okay Big Blushing here I'm very flattered & embarrased. You are too much of a sweetie, and I'm more than very blessed to have you in my circle of friends. :)

& Debbie K aw shucks :)

Megan you can be me anyday LOL. Delete amazing and inster INSANE!!!! My DH is always asking me to slow down.
Hi Chris - Just thought I'd stop by again. You shouldn't tease with those sneak peeks! Can't wait to see them in all their glory. Moira aka Moi :)
Wow Chris you have been busy. And it all looks gorgeous.

And hey give that man a wolf whistle from me too. ;)
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