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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What a weekend!!!

I haven't laughed so much, drank so much and scrapped so little in ages!!LOL What a fabulous weekend meeting so many lovely, sweet, funny, friendly and crazy girls!
I won't go into all the details, but it was the best retreat I've ever been to. Even though I didn't scrap much, it was more of a girly weekend for me! I think Kim scrapped more layouts than me and she was only there for a few hours!LOL I want to thank Kellie for such a wonderful weekend, all her hard work definitely paid off and I know that everyone else I talked to had a fantastic time! And big thanks to Kellie, Shell and Jen for driving us everywhere and to Ange who also did some carting around too! A big wave to everyone that I meet over the course of the weekend, it was terrific to finally meet you all in real life. Here are some photos from the weekend.(top to bottom: Regina; Shell, Leisa; Jen; Michelle)(top to bottom: Roz; Fiona; Shell; Sally and I having the most delicious hot chocolates ever at a place called Max something)(top to bottom: Kellie; Libby; Kylie,Jacqui & Sally(the girls I went with); Reggie, Michelle, Kelley, Sara, Angela & Jen)And Rozzy might kill me for these photos, but this was the tame photos from Saturday night (top to bottom: Roz & Reggie; Ange & Jen; Poor Kell with her two drunken DTers; and this last photo says it all - this is the lovely Jan having a close encounter with this terrible drunk woman!LOL)
I forgot to say too, thanks to the wonderful Michelle Grant for doing my make up so that I would look half decent for Rachel's photos on the Sunday! Your a gem Michelle!!!!!

That's all I can manage for now, I still have more photos and need to send some rather large cheques to others that have photos on their cameras that should never see the light of day!LOL I hardly have any voice today and we're running late, so will get back here to add more at a later date!

Hey Chris, what a great lot of photos you have. Can I get you to burn me a CD of them when you get a chance please?? I'll bribe you if necessary.
I look really annoyed in that photo of me with you and Roz in your cozzies = I promise I wasn't, just so tired, feeling like I was going to pass out.
LOL Chris!! I want your photos too - You got heaps!!! LOL at the drunk pics!! I took some of them and i was drunk - How glad am i they worked!! LOL!!! I had so much fun too and it was great to meet you in real life!!!
ROFLMAO!!1 "DTers behaving badly"...what a crack up. I'm disappointed, I thought you girls were sweet and innocent..how wrong I was roflrofl.
Looks like you all had a ton of fun.

OMG that last photo says it all Chris, and you and Rozzie look like you had a very good time!
Hey Chris, Great lot of photos you took :) I'm so glad I got to go with you on the weekend, wouldn't trade it for quids :) Your opening line says it all LOL. Although I walked away with 1 completed 2 part done LO's and that's a lot for me LOL!!
Awesome pics Chris, Love them all ... especially you and Jan :o)
Love the photos! You do look like you had heaps of fun. And sexy Roz in a bikini! Way to go Roz!! Cant wait to see the pages that evolve out of these little beauties.
OMG CHRIS MILLAR!! How embarrassment! I guess all I can say is, there could be a LOT worse pics than these one's on here!!!
What a weekend. And it wouldn't have been the same without you there!
LOL Chris, mmmmmmm let me think, I think $100 bucks from each of you!!!! To make sure some pics never see the light a day should just about cover what I spent on new supplies!!! LOL
Thanks for the best weekend!!! I loved seeing your work IRL too!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!
PIMP !!! What a crack up !!! Love the photos. And what's that on your face....are you wearing make up girl???!!!!
Debbie K
lol lol lol- Love these photos Chris - Glad my granny nightie didn't make an appearance- thank goodness for that!

I had the best time as well - I am soooo glad I wasn't the only 'muck up' :)

Loved meeting you :)

Sorry you all live so far away :)

OH MY!!! love the photos, loots like you had a great time, and those drinks you promised me too!!!

Got your RAK yesterday, thankyou!!
Gosh that weekend looks fantastic....love the last shots...LOL...so much talent in one place!!!
chris glad to see u had a great weekend.I had a good weekend too scrapping one day at a crop and visiting my new grandson. Check out the photos on my blog lol.
Chris those photos are AWESOME!!! And Roz - if I looked that good in a bikini top I'd wear one all the time love!!

Love them all - and I'm glad you went along so you could meet Reggie!! She is a classic that girl!

Megan xx
I was waiting for the photo it looks like it was a hoot !!, you had a smile on your face all the time.

Looks like you had an awesome time Chris! Can't wait to see the layouts of some of those photos ;o)
Gee that Reggie chick looks like she would be absolutely fantastic to be around!


R xoxo
Hmmmm...that was a scrapping weekend?? Right!?!...LOL

Glad you guys had a blast.....
thanks for sharing all those lovely pics Chris. and rozzy is looking real good in that 'kini'. Like was said before if I looked that good I'd where one too!
Looks like you've had a ball!!!
ROFLMAO Chris!!!! Looks like you had a blast girl!!! Love it ;D

Luv Karen xoxo
What a hoot!! Love the pics Chris! They tell the story of a great weekend.....and Rozzie, you look great in your cozzie! Regina, your comment here has still got me laughing!
looks like a great weekend was had by all chris...hope the hubbies don't see them cause i always tell mine that i am well behaved and get lots done when i go away on weekends like this....lol
thanks for sharing your w/e with us

LOL! What great shots! Yes, I agree with Shazz, my DH must never see these sorts of photos or I will never be able to convince him that it's essential for me to go on a retreat! Glad to see that you had such a great time. Now I *really* wish that I had been there.
OMG............look at those photos!!! looks like you had a blast Chris.
ROFLMAO!!!!! those photos are a total crack up. Hee hee hee... naughty DT!
Noice pics Chris! You should have a few more in your inbox now :-D
It was wonderful to meet you, & I had the most fun I've had in a long time, & I loved seeing your albums IRL.

Thanks for sharing them, looks like you all had a wonderful time!!! Next year, I'm coming.

Take care
Oh Wow, what cool photos!!!!! You girls look like you had a blast!!!! Can't wait to see the LO's you come up with!
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