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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Signature Stamp

Check this out!!!I loved the look of Nic and Jen's signature stamps so decided to get one. I found this lovely lady Cath who makes them via her online site check it out here. I just did my signature on a piece of paper at home (I used the larger tip of a zig writer) then I scanned and emailed the signature to Cath and here it is in my hot little hands just a few days later! The stamps come unmounted and are a fantastic price!

On to a totally different subject. My baby girl took to her beautiful long hair with the scissor yesterday! She had hair half way down her back and just decided that when I asked to go into her room and put some shoes on yesterday morning that she would instead give herself a trim! So she now has a little bob cut - which does actually look very cute!LOL She wanted to keep the hair that was cut off and give it to Daddy! It was quite a sight her trying to stick it on his bald patches with glitter glue last night!LOL
On the scrapbooking front I've been working on my last FK DT projects this week. It's been a great challenge working to a 'brief' each month and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Good luck to all the new girls who have been picked to take over!

Hey Chris cool stamp!!! I just can't belive how fast your DT time has gone!!! I remember sitting in your lounge room finding out you were on!! Oh little girls and sisciors LOL. I can't get over how long her hair was to start with. Oh she's a cutie & I'm sure Jason looked just devine with his new long blonde hair LOL.
I love that stamp Chris, very chi chi :) she still looks gorgeous even with the missing hair, would have loved to have seen her trying to glue it back on :)
LOL...........poor Jason lucky he's such a good sort!!!!
yep love the stamp too!!
And as Sal said where has that time gone with your time on the DT?
look forward to seeing all your up + coming LO's in FK.
ps yeah I'm with Lianne come to Scrapcamp here!!!
oh cool, look at that stamp!! wohoo, you didn't muck around lol.

And omg, her poor hair!! lol, I think all kids do that at some point!
LOL about her trying to glue the hair back on dad!!
Yeah, I can't believe that I mailed off my final LOs for the FK DT today. Where did those six months go?
Oh Id be so upset if that was my girl. What beautiful hair she has.

Love that stamp. It looks great.

Stamp looks great Chris!
Gotta laugh at your daughter's kind thoughts towards her daddy hey?
Chris love the signature stamp, what a great idea.

What a darling, it will all grow back, I agree with Alli, I really would love to of seen her trying to glue it on LOL !! How cute is that.

LOL on A giving herself a haircut....thats something that Jen would do, she looks so cute with the new look, luckly she didn't cut it off any shorter lol!!!!
Cool idea about the stamp.

M xx
ohh love your signature Chris - I'm off to have a look at the stamp place now LOL - you enabler you!! :)

and ohhh no not the hair cut point - don't all kids to do that? I know I did but I have to stay my hair ended up a LOT shorter - she's still got a lovely head of hair there :). And watch out - Leah the first time did her own hair - the second time she did her own AND Tegans!!!

Very cute that she tried to 'give' daddy her hair. I would of been rolling around the floor laughing watching that!
Her hair looks gorgeous - its such a pretty colour :o)

Im off to order a stamp now!!
oh Josh did the same, but not to his hair, to his clothes, I have a few shirts with nice big hole in them now.
gee these stamps seem to be the new black! looks great Chris!
I love the stamp!

You are being very brave about the hair?? I think I would be crying my eyes out....lol
HI Chris,
Thanks for ur comments on my grandson-he is so precious.
Love the stamps-might look into getting me one. Do u get commission from advertising them as i will mention ur name.
I did that to my hair a week before school photos but i attacked my fringe and boy did I make a mess. i have the school photo to prove itLOL.
Keep up ur beautiful work it is so inspiring.
Love the idea of Jason's hair extensions!! Evangeline chops everything up so one day I am sure she will do the same!!
i love your stamp miss chris.
and rotfl at daddy's new hair-do. if he has the bald patches that my mark has he may need some extra locks to be pasted on.
at least my boys never cut their hair (although miss kait gave her's a crack a few years back) - but matt did cut his little friend's pigtails off once - because she wasn't allowed to do it herself so matt obliged by cutting them off for her.
thanks for your comments on my blog chris.
Cool stamp Chris !!
Looking forward to seeing all the creations you've come up with over the next few issues of FK. Congrats for that achievement. And look on the bright side, at least you are free to do anything else now !!
Debbie K
Love the stamp Chris!!!

And I must say, I did that to my hair when I was little too - on the very same day that I had to be a flower girl at the local deb ball for the girls who were making their debut!! Mum was really happy about it...not.

Megan xx
VERY cool stamp Chris!!! and your little angel still is a cutie even though she cut her hair LOL

Love the stamp Chris! On the hair issue, I would have loved to see her trying to stick it on DH head! What a crack up!
Chris, what a cool stamp.

Ohhhh, girls and scissors. Can't wait for mine to grow up.....not! LOL.
don't you just love it when they do that! Cept my dd actually pulls hers out instead (still has baby hair although she's 4!). Love your stamp!
Oh that stamp is too cool!!!!!! Lol so funny your daughter trying to put her hair on her fathers head...really laughing out loud here. She looks so cute with her hair cut.
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