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Friday, March 24, 2006

This one time on Scrap Camp........

The lovely Fiona Kahler has sent me some of the 'fun' photos from the retreat! Fiona is such a cool chick! After arriving half way through dinner on the Saturday night she slipped right into the fun atmosphere even getting in the spa with her clothes on!LOL As you can see it all started at dinner, our dinner came out very late and so we kept ordering drinks and hence filled our empty tummies with grog! Next minute Shell was doing a count down and we were celebrating New Years Eve!LOL I'm sure the other tables wondered what on earth was going on!
When we got back to the resort the spa just looked too inviting so we all piled in, drinks and all. Thanks to the kind girls that went back to the restaurant to get more bottles of wine! And thanks to Kell who is the best boss ever and let us girls be silly when we were suppose to be in the scrap room playing games!LOL
After the girl at reception asked us ever so nicely to hop out of the spa we all took the party back to Shell's room and here we are in the bottom left photo doing a lovely little dance to Robert Palmers 'simply irresistible'These are still the tame photos, so we'll just leave it at that! This is another layout I did as a sample for my demo at the retreat on foam stamps. I love this one! The girls in the photo are friends of the family.
Thanks for all the comments of support about teaching my first class soon. I found out that the class is actually booked out! I'll let you know in a couple of weeks how I went!

Wow, I didn't realise there were so many of you in the spa. No wonder we had a quiet night in the room! Well, now I'm jealous that I wasn't having fun!
I'm not surprised that your first class is booked out. You will be fine. Relax and have fun.

I'm loving all the photos and the high jinks you girls got up to.
Yes, I agree with Marie !! While there are a lot of us that are getting greener and greener with each post, it certainly is an entertaining weekend to read up on!! Thanks for sharing such fine pics.

Had a big laugh at the Simply Irresistable girls !! Wish I'd been there to see that !!

I think if Kell organises another one, people will be pushing and shoving to get on the list !!
Sorry, forgot to put my name on the last post !!
Debbie K x x x
LOL.........look at all you water babes............LOL.
Love you sharing these pics it looked like the best time!!!
Love that photo of Fiona sitting there in her clothes .......too funny!!
And thats awesome news your class is booked out - not surprised either.
WOW love your LO too!!!
Heehee, too much fun! I couldn't miss out on that spa, so clothes it was!

I'm also not surprised that your class is booked up - well done Chris!!
What fantastic photos!!! LOL. Sounds like a ball.

Congrats on your first class being full. What a neat feeling. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
Oh forgot to say I love your LO. Love the way you've used the stamps! Really neat.
ROFLMAO!!!!! MMMM and I would love to see the not so tame photos. ;o)
LOL Love those photos! Show the untame ones!
oh my, I see you girls had a load of fun!!!
More awesome photos Chris!! From all reports, it sounds like it was a fantastic weekend!!

These layouts are gorgeous too Chris :-)

Megan xx
Great photos, would have loved to be a fly on the wall LOL. The LO is lovely.
rofl...I SOOOOO wish I was amongst it all instead of having to conjure up scenarios in my head roflmao
LOL You is a bad bad little girl Chris!!! I still haven't stopped laughing at the memories of these photo's!!! Mine are comin!!! LOL & So is Christmas!!! LOL
Thanks for sharing!!! I think!!! LOL
ROTFLMAO!! I didn't remember the simply irresistible thing till you said it lol! whoops

Yes, it was an awesome weekend, to say the least hey CHris!

And well done on your first class booking out, but I have to say, I'm not surprised! If I was closer I'd be coming too!
Yeah I wanna see the not so tame ones too!!

It looks like a scream, ya wicked chicks - lol!! Gotta love anyone that goes to get more wine. ;)
OMG!!!! You girls are totally crazy! Note to self....make sure I never drink too much around you lot! LOL!! Good luck with your class, I'm sure it will be great.
LOL, these photos are classic, so funny. Your layout is adorable with a capital A.
Well Chris - judging by the photos, the grog and the swimmers you guys had a great time. I want to come....i want to come....

Steph xx

Congrats on your first class teaching.....and full as well....that's great Chris....
The Retreat posts are excellent Chris, I'm with Roz I had completely forgotton our Robert Palmer dance!!! Oh the memories that keep flooding back from everyones posts LOL.

Good luck with the class, you'll be great & fantastic news that she wants more!!! YOU GO GIRL!!
Wow, looks like you had fun, might see if I will be "allowed" to go to the next retreat.

I didn't put you down to come on my "cruise" because Fiona was bringing you anyway LOL!!

I am loving your MM flower stamps/KI PP combo LO, Soooo nice, might have to play with those ideas...

I'm really starting to wonder about the 'not so tame' photos...lol

Great news about your class:) fully booked! wow!
Hi Chris
I'm also Chris Millar, I was born in N. Ireland, am a Canadian and live in Tucson Az. USA and to confuse you a little more I work in Saudi Arabia. My wife's name is also Chris (Christiane)
What is a Blogger?
My email address is cjmillar2000@yahoo.com

It would be interesting to find out how many Chris Millars there are out there.

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