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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's a birthday week for us with Annaliese's 5th b'day on Friday and my sisters 30th on Sunday! We can't get together with my sister on the weekend as they are going camping and we decided not to go and to stay home and have a party for Annaliese at the park with her friends.
So last Sunday we all got together at the Ettamoga (sp?)Pub on the way to the Sunshine Coast and had lunch. Here's a pic of my sister - Kat and the girls.
Kat gave Annaliese a huge make-up set for her b'day and Sunday afternoon we had makeovers at our house!LOL What fun that was!
Thought I'd share a layout that I've just done, that I don't particularly like. This layout just didn't come together, but love these photos of my nephew Jack! And thanks to Sally for lending me her sewing machine to finish off some projects after my old machine finally died last week! I'm off to look at buying a new one today!!
Dancing with the stars This is the first series that I've watched and I'm mainly watching because I'm a Kostya fan! How fantastic is he doing??!!!!
Go KOSTYA!!! I can't believe how much they are babying Simone Warne! She clearly should have been the one to go last night and the judges didn't even mention her mistakes she made during the routine! I thought Grant was such a crack up!!

Things are getting very busy now with the Scrap Needs retreat looming. The lovely Michelle Grant arrives here in 8 days!!!! I can't wait to get on that plane to Newcastle next Friday!!!

well you're nuts, I think the LO is fab!!

And yes, go Kostya! But I'm gunning for Grant! He's a classic!

Looking so forward to seeing you again next week!!
I too think the lo is fabolicious! Happy Birthday to all your girls....wow 5....I remember that with all of mine....how fast it comes ...and goes.

Love your work.


I think your LO looks fab too Chris!! That 5 looks heaps better now and love the extra paisley down the bottom!! Gorgeous!!
Happy birthday to everyone.
Loving your layout.
So jealous that you get to go to the retreat.
Awesome photos Chris, and I don't know why you don't like that layout - it's great!

I've driven past the Ettamogah pub you were at, so I know exactly where the pics were taken!

Wasn't Grant hysterical last night?? I thought they both did such an awesome job!!

Megan xx
Birthday wishes all round!!!

Chris, you layout is fab, you are such a critic lol.

OMG, I can't believe the SN retreat is so soon...there goes that miracle powerball win!!!!!
I can see the resemblance between you and your sister, gorgeous. The girls look cute and I love your LO.Love the colours and set out.
Oh wow your going to have Michelle G with you. She will be great company!
I think you LO is great. I love the colors and the photos are too cute.

Birthday hugs to Annalise and your sister.
LOL!!! on the makeup, I so know exactly what its like to get a makeover from a 5 year old ( 4 1/2 year old in my case)

Tell Annaliese a huge happy birthday from me :). Ya know, I still remember my fifth birthday. Amazing, hey.

I want Grant to win! I caught just a bit of his "routine" the other night and wished I could have seen it all. It looked so funny.

Love the layout too. What isn't there to like? Have fun at the retreat, you lucky thing. I feel so isolated down here sometimes (most times).


how cute is the make over piccy!!
oh and I love grant, I think he is so funny and cute, in a shorty kind of way!
Thanks for sharing these photos Chris.
Happy birthdays to A and K !! Hope A's birthday party goes off wonderfully and the weather's nice.
Lucky you to be with MG....I'm soooo green it's not funny !!
Debbie K
Chris You may not like the layout, but I think it is lovely, and your right the photos are gorgeous. I hope your daughter has a lovely 5th birthday.

Kosta, I agree he seems so nice, I would like to see him win he is so gracious.

Have a great day Chris.

Not long to go until you get to meet me Chris. LOL!

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Annaliese

R xoxo

P.S. I think the LO is great!
Dancing with the stars. What a crack up. Im with Roz....go Grant. He makes me laugh, so much......

Happy Birthday Annalise. Have a beautiful day.

And Chris.....The layout is wonderful. Relax.

Steph x
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