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Friday, March 10, 2006

5 Today!

My baby girl is 5 today!!! And she's just so excited about it all! Here she is this morning, so pleased to be taking 25 cup cakes to preschool to share with her friends, her face looking all glossy because she'd just plastered sunscreen on! And what do you think the b'day girl wanted to eat for breaky on the morning of her breakfast??? The first person who can guess I'll send a RAK to!!!
What a shocking job I did with her piggy tails this morning too!LOL

I've also been tagged by Miss Rozzy, will get to that over the weekend some time!

WOOHOO!! Only 1 week till the retreat!!!!!!

Hmmmmm... Did she want to EAT one of those little cakes for breakfast??? Happy Birthday, and I hope she has a lovely day today. Sad when our babies grow up isn't it?? xx
2 minute noodles???? Just thought I would throw that it as a friends little girl loves them for breakfast.
Happy birthday!!!
I'd say she would have wanted to eat paddy cakes. If not that, then chocolate. A girl has to have her chocolate. I hope she had a great day.
hmm pan cakes???

Hope she had an awesome day, turning 5 is a milestone :)
YAY Annaliese and Jordan share the same birthday......just six years apart in age!!!

hmmmmm I think that your little princess wanted McDonalds for breakfast :0)

I would say maccas breakfast cause that is always fun on your bday!!!
Hope she had a fantastic day!!!!
Happy birthday gorgeous girl!! I hope you had a lovely day :o)

hmmm....did she want chocolate or lollies??
Oh, she wanted weet-bix ???

She is gorgoeus :o)
Happy Birthday Annaliese for yesterday! Hip hip hooray!

I am guessing she wanted to eat those yummy cakes she had for preschool Chris.

Megan xx
What a cutie! Give her a BIG hug when she goes off to school. They suddenly get sooo grown up.
If I asked my children they would say McDonalds!
Gorgeous photos and happy birthday to your little girl. I'd say she wanted to eat the leftover icing from the cupcakes!
Aren't all females sweet tooths!
Hi Chris, happy belated birthday to your daughter, shes gorgeous, my son says all the time,"I love you so much, mummy I want to eat you!"
Lee Meredith
How gorgeous are those photos of your daughter what a sweetie, I hope she had a lovely birthday. I bet she enjoyed taking cup cakes to school.

What a cutie Chris Happy Birthday to your baby age 5 now!!!
My guess is that she wanted a cup cake for breaky!!!!
Hey Chris! Just wanted to pop in FINALLY and officially say "hi" and that I love your scrapping girl!!! So there you are ;D Hope you are having a fantastic weekend :o)

Luv Karen xoxo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Annaliese!!!!!

I Hope she had a wonderful day, and got lots of junk food!!! just waht you need a 5 yr old on a sugar high!!!

Um I will guess toast, I think it is the only one left to be guessed LOL
Your daughter is so cute. Hope she had a great birthday.
Ice cream? that's what my kids wanted for breakfast.
wishing your sweet baby girl Annaliese a very happy birthday chris.
she looks so sweet in the pics and so pleased to be turning 5 - aren't they just the sweetest things when they are at that age...???
i reckon she wanted to eat patty cakes too - did the whole 25 make it to school in one piece.....lol
are you all organised for the retreat yet...???
She is so gorgeous Chris! Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday :)
What an adorable little princess !!
Love that cake shot - she'll LOVE that when she's older !!!
My guess for breaky would have been the cupcakes too !!
Debbie K
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