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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Challenge

I saw this challenge on Michelle's blog and thought I'd give it a go too and then tag someone else to do it!

1.Do you decorate your house this time of year? if so… how? ( a photo or description. )
We just have an averaged size tree and decorate it mainly with cold and silver baubles (spl?), chains of beads and red bows. We have a few favourite decorations, this santa being one of the kids favourites. Check out Annaliese's gorgeous fat tum in this photo too!LOL

2.Have you ever been in a decoration competition?
No, we have this massive 'xmas' type tree in the front yard that we spent hundred of dollars putting light on one year and they were only up there for about a week when Jason ran over the cords with the mower!LOL There ended our outdoors lights display!

3. How much is too much?

I love everything about Christmas too much is never enough for me! I do think the shops could hold off putting them up all their Xmas stuff for an extra few weeks as they are getting earlier and earlier!

4. How do you celebrate this time of year?
We nearly always have xmas morning here at our house and usually have my mum and my sister sleep over xmas eve and last year we even had Jason's dad sleep over and he loved it so we are doing it again this year! There's nothing better than being somewhere for xmas where there are little kiddies to watch open their pressies! We are then heading up to my sisters house at Eumundi after lunch. We are also having an early xmas celebration next weekend with Jasons side of the family.

5.Whose job is it to wrap all the Christmas gifts? Will you (or whoever) use gift bags, or wrapping paper?
It's always my job and the cards!LOL This year I got Shayla and her friends to help me make gift tags for the presents from last years xmas cards.

6. What do you dislike most about the holiday season?
Cranky parents dragging their kids around the shops for that last minute bargain and yelling at them the whole time!

7. What are your top 3 fav Xmas songs.

#1 When a child is born (performed by Karen Knowles)
#2 Oh Holy night (performed by Josh Grohan - Thanks Deb)
#3 Santa Claus is coming to town

8. Real tree or fake?
We have always had a fake tree, the girls haven't ever seen a real one, might make that a mission for next year!

OK - I tag - ROZ

Well I enjoyed reading this Chris! And that little tum tum is so gorgeous lol!!

Thanks for the tag lol!
Too cute, love the photos!! I am such a christmas junkie too!! :) Tho I've done nothing this year yet!!
Wow thanks Chris for taking my challange, I do one every week at Kiwiscrap.co.nz and Scraplovers.com, I am so glad that you joined in feel free to do so every week.
BTW the photos are so cute.
Excellent responses to those questions Chris !! I'd have to say I agree with just about everything you've said. Glad you like the Josh Groban song.

LOOOOVE those photos. Annaliese looks really cute...fat tum and all !!

Talk soon x x x
Debbie K
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