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Saturday, December 24, 2005


Got together with the girls I crop with fortnightly today to get some photos of the 'croplets' as they are fondly known as!LOL
Oh my gosh! So many kids to try and all get looking at the same time!LOL Pretty funny though!
Also got a lovely one of the girls and I!

I've taken a photo as proof that the Tarisota RAK is still under my tree! I can't wait to open it and am more surprised about seeing what's in that one than any of the others! Is that bad??!LOL

If I don't get back to my blog again before tomorrow, I hope everyone has a fantastic fun filled Christmas day! Can't wait to cruise around everyones blogs after Christmas to see the photos of all the happy families together!!!

Christmas Hugs and Kisses to you all!!

You are very very good - Compared to some others whi I know have been bad LOL
Hoep you enjoy your goodies.
Merry Christmas
Tamar xx
Merry Christmas to you and your family Chris! I hope we can get together for that coffee in the New Year! Shari xxx
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Chris!! - Can't wait to hear what in your Pack from Tamar... I may or may not have already opened mine ROFLMAO!!
Merry Christmas, Chris!! I want to see what's in your RAK too!!!!
Such a gorgeous group of kids !!
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