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Thursday, December 08, 2005

FK entries

Now that the FK awards book has been decided (and Yay, I'm having one in there!!!) I thought I'd upload my other entries here! This is my nephew Jack, looking totally goofy and that's what I love about this photo!LOL

This layout is about Shayla's eyes turning from blue to green when she was 5.
This photo is one that my sister took of her boyfriends dog and I just loved the photo and wanted the challenge of working with a non-child photo!
And this layout is more about the journalling which is hidden on the tags, but also love how super sweet my girls look in this photo.

Awesome layouts Chris!!!!! Awesome!
I said it before and I will say it again!!! Absolutely Sensational!!!!
I love your LO's Chris, they are just GORGEOUS, congrats on getting in the book, so very well deserved!!!
Trac x
i can't see your pics chris :(
but i bet they are gorgeous
Oh Chris love your layouts but esp the Blue to green one. Gorgeous photo and LOVE that flower.
love the layouts, and can't wait to see the one in the book - yay!
I agree, senstational layouts. The blue to green is a favourite, as is the last journaling one. I am amazed at seeing all these layouts now, they are all so good. OMG I am so scared of mine being published now! lol

Oooooooooh Chris!!! They are all just so stunning!!!

WOWSERS!!! I especially love the Blue to Green one too!!!

Can't wait to see your work in the book!!!!!

Ali :) xoxo
Chris I love them all but especially the blue to green one!!! congrats about getting a layout in the book :0)

Well Chris, I would just write ditto to everyoe else but I really do love the Blue to Green layout and the beautiful journalled layout and the Aussie Swim Star and well all of them!!!!

Congrats on the FK book too :)
Wow these are gorgeous Chris!!! It is no wonder you were chosen for the DT!!! Super contrats again about that!! Cannot wait to see your one in the book soon!!
yes the blue to green is my favourite tooooooooo!!!!
All your work is totally awesome awesome awesome Chris.
mmmmm ok can i think up something rude to say to you ???.....hehehehe. I know some real bad Kev jokes but they may not go down well on the blog!!!
Love those groovy farm animals!!!
Not sure if RedX + Starfire would agree to those sort of pics....LOL.
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