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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good news all round!

Most importantly my mum is ok!! They have found that one artery has about 40% blockage/hardening which can be treated with medication and diet. In true scrapper form the camera was there to capture it all!
This is mum's wonderful parnter Angelo who was there with her the whole time as well.
We are all so relieved to have good news today!!!

The other good news was that I was one of 15 international girls that won the Junkitz comp. I'm also extremely excited for Rach H, Deb, Rach A and Nic who all won as well!!! How cool is that? Nothing better than winning a comp and having your friends win along side you!
Here is the layout that I entered. I should also thank my lovely friends Ange and Sally C who I bounced ideas off for this layout and they gave me some creative guidance!!!! Thanks girls!!!!!

My third good news for the day was that I received a RAK from Tarisota Collections this morning. I am under strict instructions from Tamar not to open it until xmas day! So it is under the tree with the other pressies and I've had a good shake of it already Tamar!LOL Thank you so much for your generosity and for the extra surprise I'll have under the tree this year!!

A heartfelt thank you to all my fantastic friends who have been super supportive over the last few days! Kisses and hugs to you all!!

I am glad all is well with your Mum. Love the Junkitz LO!! Congratulations with the comp!!!
LOL about the camera at the hospital, Chris. What a huge relief about your Mum - another Chrissie present!!

Relieved to hear your mum is ok Chris! It can be very worrying. My Dad had a blockage at 38!

Congratulations on the Junkitz win. What a beautiful layout.
Glad it was good news Chris you must be so relieved.
Congrats girl on winning the Junkitz Challenge!!! Woo Hoo.
Take Care
Trac x
So glad that your Mum is going to be OK.
Woo Hoo!!!! on your Junkitz win, your LO is georgeous no wonder you won.

I would also like to thank you for doing my blog challange from last week, and for continuing the challange on by tagging someone else, Its kind of satisfying knowing that my simple little challange expanded its way across cyber space lol!!!!
Look out for my next lot of Xmas questions on my blog in the next few days...I would love it if you joined in again.

Michelle x
Chris that is great news about your Mum doing so well. Yep true scrapper style to have the camera along. LOL
Wooo hooo congrats on the Junkitz comp.
Glad to hear its good news all round in your home. Congrats on the junkitz - it's a beautiful LO. And I just said no opening - Shaking is fine roflol.
Well it's great to see your mum is doing better ..

I just had to drop in and tell you how much i love your Junkitz entry, it is totally stunning !! yum love it , congrats
Congratulation chris, a deserving win.

I wish your mum all the best with her health. Keep smiling girl.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Chris, I would love it if you linked me on your blog.
I am off to link you to mine now :D
Yay !! We won, we won !! Look forward to receiving a nice little pack of goodies from one of my favourite brands....yippee. But just quietly, thanks for all your help, for letting me know about the comp and your wonderful support throughout.

I'm so relieved about your Mum, and what a wonderful partner she has. Lucky lady and I wish her the very best.

Debbie K
So glad that your mum is okay!!! Great photo!!! :)

And huge congrats on your Junkitz win!!! It is a totally stunning layout!!
well I'm NOT surprised you won girl !!!!
It was super duper fantastic LO. A winner from the start!!!!
So a double dose of good news for you yesterday!!! I'm so pleased for you Chris about Viv - a huge relieve I bet!!!!
I'm so glad to have you girls along the winning ride with me!!! Very very buzzy i tell ya!!!
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