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Friday, December 23, 2005

Home made Christmas cards

I got 4 gorgeous home made Christmas cards this year from some of my scrapping buddies! I love receiving the home made ones - such a surprise!!! Here they are in all their glory!!! Thanks to the special people who sent them to me - Rach, Deb, Lissy and Annette!!! All such super talented ladies!!!

I also got a number of terrific power point Christmas cards and many other email Christmas messages and I just want to thank everyone for their Christmas wishes!
I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Christmas with their families!

So gald you liked that card!!!!
CAn't wait to see these fantastic LO's in the coming issues of FK.
Hope all is well in the Millar house today!!!
take care buddy + MERRY CHRISTMAS
wow, what gorgeous cards you got!! But that's cause you're gorgeous, you attract lovely things!! :o)

And hey- your powerpoint greeting was pretty phenominal too! I was really impressed by it!
hi, my name is Ivy and i have recently started to use this system! I have looked at alot of other peoples blogs through Trish Reed and Marie Noske. i also love to receive cards no matter what they are. it makes me feel special. lol have a great christmas

Oh wow Chris...that's SOOO very sweet of you. Glad you liked it, just as I enjoyed making it for you !!

Deb x x
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