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Monday, December 26, 2005

It's all over for another year!

We totally made the most of Christmas day yesterday and in the afternoon travelled up to my sisters place up the Coast and spent the night there! We had water balloon fights, a huge feast of Barra on the BBQ and a prawn, avocado and mango salad and after the kids went to sleep we played poker all night! Very tired now mind you!LOL
And to top it all off I got to meet with the lovely Michelle Grant and Scrapper Al.
I got to pour over both their brilliant albums - both totally different in style and both super fantastic! Of course in my rush to get out the door yesterday to head off before the storm hit I left my ablum sitting on the breakfast bar stool! Michelle showed us her terrific sketch books and inspiration ideas books! That girl is so organised - I love it!!LOL Michelle has so many marvellous ideas in her head and on paper, I would have loved to have had longer with her to pick her brains! Lucky she's coming for a sleep over in March!LOL Oh yeah, and Scrapper Al has the most delicious handwriting! It was so nice to see them both today!
Looking at this photo also reminds me about getting stuck into weight loss in the new year!!! Yay, another year of trying to lose weight!!! Does it ever end girls??!!!LOL

Here's another Christmas photo, this was from Christmas eve. Jason bought Annaliese this elephant butterfly machine thingy. The elephant has a little fan in the bottom of it and it pushes the butterflies up the trunk and the kids have to run around catching them in their nets! They had a ball with this! Except the taller one usually gets the butterflies first which caused a few tears for little Annaliese!LOL

HI Chris
saw your name on Tarisota site, I am also a member.
Love the butterfly thingy looks great. Nice to see you catch up with Michelle Grant from ASC.
Hope you had a great Xmas & don't worry about the Weight thing, your not alone, lol

Wow how cool that you met Michelle and ScrapperAl.. I've met Michelle before and she is the most sweetest person!!

Too cute with the butterflies!! Glad you had an awesome day!
Ohhhh lookie at you 3! Totally jealous that you all got to catch up.
Glad you had a lovely day Chris. All your pics look like you had fun.

And no the weight loss thing never ends I reckon!!

But you know what? You have a whole week still of festivities and feasting before those darn resolutions start - ;)
So glad you had a great Xmas Chris, how lucky are you to meet Ali and Michelle.

Sounds like you have a really great christmas, and how lucky are you to meet up with two awesome scrappers!!!!!
And you are definately not alone with the weight thingy, I am hoping to be a "tad" slimmer for 2006.
Enjoy the rest of the festivities
Tracy x
ooh, very jealous of your catch up lol!!
Love those cool games for the kids. Mine are a bit old now for those games though I did try to get them Super Soaker Twister which I thought would be heaps of fun for them and their mates. But unfortunately was sold out.
Hi Chris,
Have been reading your blog and must say I love it. Was wondering how you did the banner at the top of the blog..just trying to put a blog togethr now on blogger but cant work out the banner....and yours is just beautiful. Hope you dont mind me asking
Wow, I wanna play with that elephant/butterfly game !!
You and me will make a pact in the new year....trim down and tone up !! By June next year (hoping to get up to you then) we'll look soooo terrific together the camera shutter won't stop !!
Chris, it was absolutely fabulous to meet up with you and Michelle! - it was soo cool to sit and chat with two awesome ladies :)

:) AL.
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