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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's not Christmas without............

I trip to emergency! Well that's what it feels like for us over the past 3 years! Two years running Shayla has had stays in hospital and today was Annaliese's turn! Luckily it's nothing serious. She must have been bitten by something while we were at my sisters and around her eye was very swollen today when she woke up (see pic!). The docs checked it all out, including putting some dye in her eye to make sure the eye itself wasn't effected at all, then decided on some phenergen. It's started going down a little but still looks like she's done a round with Kostya Tszyu!

I'm still hanging out to see the new FK, the mail man hasn't been around today, hopefully tomorrow!! Also want to see SM as Nic said on her blog that I've got a layout in the peoples choice awards. I have no idea which layout it would be, so am hanging out to see which one.
Ok, back to doing some FK layouts!!

Poor little 'slugger'.. lol.. and don't say that about hospital.. I'm hoping for a third xmas lucky with hospital next year.. lol.. give her a big cuddle for me!
Oh poor baby!! Hope it clears up quickly!
Poor baby.

Well at least you seem to have your own Christmas tradition.....
Awww!!! poor baby, I hope the swelling goes down soon it looks very painful.
oh no, poor little baby! She looks so sore! ouch I hope it clears up soon for her!
Oh no poor Annaliese!!! It looks so sore!!! I hope that it has cleared now Chris and that's your last Christmas Day visit to the hospital ever!
Shari xxx
Ouchie...looks so sore..poor bub, hope it gets better very soon :)
Well, look on the bright side... this year's hospital emergency wasn't as bad as previous years !! Hope it's all better by now and please tell her Auntie Deb says "hi" !!
oh, the poor little chicken! hope she's feeling better. the new fk is very yummy, btw! hope you've gotten your hands on it!
Oh No Chris, poor little Annaleise her eye looks quite nasty, I do hope she is feeling a lot better.
Take Care and have a great 2006.
Tracy x
Oh the poor little baby! Hope she is feeling much better now
Oh no ....what a poor little poppet!!!..hope she feels better real soon

I hope Annaliese is feeling much better now. It looks particularly nasty - poor thing.

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