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Saturday, December 31, 2005

I've been LOVED!

Julie Love that is!
I just happened to be in the right place at the right time just over a week ago when I was blog surfing and came across Julies blog just minutes after she had put up a fantastic offer on her blog. She said the first person to email her she would do a layout for them!!! And I was the lucky winner!!!!
Here is the absolutely SMOKIN' layout she did for me! How divine is it???!!!
I can't wait to see it in real life!!!

It was the same photo I used in my winning Junkitz layout but this one I had printed as a 6x8 size. I love how we've both used the photo so differently on our layouts! It's such a thrill to have her scrap one of my photos!! Thanks so much Julie!!!

Thanks to the girls (Kelley, Lianne, Michelle C and Rach) who were great sports and uploaded teenage photos of themselves onto their blogs after reading the challenge on my blog last night! Loved having a giggle at all the photos!! There'll be a littl surprise in your mail soon!!

I've been working on an FK layout for about 2 days now, couldn't get the papers and photos to work how I wanted them too, so have now done about 2.5 hrs hand stitching on the layout! Probably took so long because I had to keep stopping and starting but all up it's taken a very long time!!!

Hope everyone's having a great New Years Eve!! Here we are having a quiet one at home again - such party animals we are!LOL

That LO is just gorgeous!! Julie sure does lovely LOs!! Congrats on getting her to scrap one of your pics!!!
Hope you have a great New Year!!!
WOW aren't you a lucky girl!!!!
I wouldn't expect anything but gorgeous from Julie!! But what about the subject - just too cute!!
I'm sure you still enjoyed your quiet night in!! I enjoyed mine - so much that I fell alseep on the sofa + leaving the singles to entertain themselves.........LOL.
So what amazing things will you be doing in 2006???
wow how lucky are you, that page is simply georgeous. I must go to julie's blog and have a look at her other work.
We had a quite night at home too, its a wee bit hard partying up with a 4 year old lol!!!
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Totally jealous that you have a Miss Julie original! Love it.
Chris I am REALLY happy that you love the layout :0) and how could the layout not turn out with such a gorgeous piccie of your beautiful little girl to work with :0)

Hope you have an awesome and VERY creative 2006

I saw that in her blog, you lucky girl, I love her LOs, they are always so fresh!! and she has done your pic justice!
fantastic lo julie and chris you are one luckie little chookie.
i probably drank enough champagne for both of us last night chris so don't feel too bad about not being a party animal...and i had the fuzzy head this morning as proof.
welcome to 2006 matey

Chris you are just so lucky and this is totally divine! SHe is one clever lady, that's for sure!
That's a gorgeous layout and a gorgeous photo. Thanks for the teenage photo challenge. Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing your FK stuff.
Lol I missed your teenage challenge.. but just wanted to jump on and say happy new year to you and your family!! Oh and I love your new banner!! And that layout is stunning!! lucky you!!
Happy New Year Chris!

I'm still insanely jealous of that gorgeous layout - lol!!

And I'm hanging out to see the mentioned handstitching!!
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WOW Chris you lucky girl that is a gorgeous LO, would love to see Julie's work IRL.
Beautiful LO by Julie. It will be a much cherished LO I'm sure....but don't show your mum !! (remember???)
Debbie K
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