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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Aren't they always doing something to worry us or keep us on our toes?!!LOL Shayla has this terrible rash all over her tummy at the moment (see pic) the doctor is calling it 'coxsackie' virus! Nothing too worrying, but he did say it was contagious! So that put us out of action for last nights xmas party with Jason's family.

So Jason and Annaliese went to the party on their own and had a wonderful time with out us! Jasons mum gave Annaliese this gorgeous 'My little pony' singlet and undies set and the tiara and earings. She thinks she's the ants pants!LOL
Got the new CK on Friday! I hadn't been enjoying it as much of late, but this issue it was back to it's rockin' best! One of my fave US scrappers, Amber Ries has a super layout on page 34 and there is a very cool article called on page 69 called 'can this outfit be a scrapbook page' and it has the most scrummy skirt for inspiration. I loved Elsie's take on this feature! I won't give away any more, but it's definitely worth getting this month! Congrats to my friends Eck, Kim and Kathie on being in the aussie gallery too!!!

Oh dear poor Shayla... hope it goes away really soon.
Oh if you like file fashion inspiration pieces check out Maggie Holmes blog as she does one very week. I love how she interprets it.
Sorry to hear about that rash!!! Looks yukky. So glad to hear that your mum is doing better. You seem to have sttled in the bloggin life really well...lol. Love all the creations and stuff. Merry christmas
Sorry to here about the whole "rashy" issue! Holidays are the worst time to have contagious kids! You feel like you become a prisoner in your own home - we had a chicken pox easter hols one year, drove me stir crazy - we ended up taking long drives to the country as we could hide the girls in the car!LOL! Jen Hall
oh look at her poor belly!! rashes are so scary hey. Glad it's nothing too serious though!

oooh, so CK is good then! Hope I get mine today!!
Oh Chris your dd looks gorgeous in her singlet and tiara!!

Bummer about the rash. :(
oh no !!!
rashes/christmas/heat/holidays - there should be a law against kids getting ill so close to christmas - poor baby.
my ck is still sitting undone on my scrapping bench - it will be my holiday reading after all this frantic christmas-ing is over
Poor Shayla!!! Hope she gets better by xmas!! We are going to have spotty xmas photos too!!!..

Have a great xmas.. good luck with the pinapple picking!
Shayla's been in the 'wars' lately. Hope she can get over this pretty quickly too and that it doesn't pass to Annaliese....who really does look rather like a pretty princess in that gorgeous get up.

Debbie K
hi...obviously this is an ancient blog entry - amazing what google pops up...I'm glad I found it! Reading it just made my night! :) thank you!!
Amber Ries :)
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