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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lime Tart!!!

Check it out, the December gallery is now up at Lime Tart. The 12x12 kit that I got to use is so fantastic! I ended up making 9 different projects from that kit, one of them being those cute little noodle boxes on my header and here is a closer look at one of them.
I've put all the instructions for these noodle boxes and my other creations on the Lime Tart gallery. Philippa and Steph have some terrific creations in the gallery also!!!

We've had a bit of worrying news in our family this week. My mum has been having some tests recently as her family has a history of heart disease and only a few months ago her brother underwent a successful bypass. Mum's tests have shown that there is some strain on her heart and tomorrow she is booked in to have an angiogram. We are keeping positive about it and hoping that is only something minor.
So fingers crossed for my beautiful mum! (Mum was one of my latest victims for a photo shoot!)

Chris your work looks sooooo awesome!!! I'm a bit embarrased to see mine after looking at your stuff!!! Hope everything is ok with your mum :o)
Oh your Christmas Family Favourites is sooo yummy! Totally cool.
Very much worth the wait.
Hugs to you again about your Mum.
love the creations you have shared chris.
i pray that all is well with your mum - nothing more worrying than an ill member of the family.
take care
Wow, wow and more wow !! Absolutely superb Chris. Don't know what Steph's on about though...her work is truly STUNNING !! I'm in awe of everything you've created. Excellent stuff...but I really want that recipe for the no bowl chockie things....mmmmmm.....

Love that photo of your Mum, such a beautiful lady. Sending big hugs....
Debbie K
Chris, your creations in the Lime Tart gallery are just gorgeous. I have to admit that the reindeer is my favourite because he is just soo cute.

I hope that your mum will be okay.

My thoughts are with your mum Chris, I hope all turns out well. I love your work for Lime Tarts, great stuff.
CHris, you know I think your work is phenominal! Amazing stuff lady!!

And best wishes again to your mum for some good results.
YES your work on Lime Tart just rocks!!!!
hang in there with your Mum + thinking of you tomorrow.
sending big hugs!!!
Hey Chris...LURVE what you have done with the Lime Tart goodies just AWESOME, and yep me too loving that cute little reindeer.
Hope everything is OK with your Mum Best Wishes.
Trac x
Love your work Chris!!

Best wishes to your Mum :)
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