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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Finally got the master book today. Have only had a quick flick, want to save it for a good old drool session tonight!LOL

I was so thrilled to have my single layout picked up as a HM. Here is a pic of it for those who don't have the book.

Yes the left pic is me at the tender age of 4 with glue stick in hand already!LOL
The layout opens up to reveal the journalling about my 'creative journey'.

This is my accent that I did for the masters. The photo of the Eiffel tower was actually taken by my sister when she was in Paris. The top layer lifts up to reveal a poem and the photo underneath.

This was my beyond the page item, a set of spice jars that I got from Vinnies for $2 and I transformed them into 'journalling jars', one for each of our family, one for Jack (my nephew) and one as a spare that holds the strips of cardstock to journal onto.

And my double layout was picked up by FK and will be in next months issue.

I was reading Mishell's blog thismorning and saw that Daphney Matthews had left a comment her blog so I decided to steal her email addy and email her. I love seeing Daphney's work, she has such a flair for design and colour and her photos are always terrific, so I emailed her and told her so!LOL She was very gracious with her reply! I just spyed some more fantastic work of hers in the Masters book too!! So congrats Daphney on becoming a 2005 Master!

I've nearly finished my projects for Lime Tart
Here is a little tease!!LOL

Lovely Chris, look forward to seeing the finished Limetart product !!

Glad you are enjoying the Masters book !!

Debbie K
I LOVE that LO that was in the masters book chris - I thought it was fantastic and very clever!!
Love your BTP item too - I have been looking for a spice rack like it ever since i saw it!
hey Chris
thanks for sharing your blog link

got my copy of the masters book today and spotted your page straight away - what a fabulous photo to have - perfect layout !!

loved seeing your lo in the masters mag.
teasing is not fair either - can't wait to see the WHOLE finished product.
I so love your LO!! I reckon it's brilliant!

And your accent and BTP are just as amazing!!

And how gorgeous is Daph?? she's a sweeite!
so cool Chris -love the ben lee reference LOL beautiful work as always - I was just leafing through the book today too as it happens - loads of gorgeous work.

Where is my postie?!?!?! I want my Masters book!!! Congrats on the HM - your work is just fantastic Chris!!! And I can't wait to see the Limetart stuff - I can't work out how to take sneak peeks like that...so I'll just keep you in suspense til it comes out on the website ;o)
Chris I just wanted to say that your layout in the Masters book is just amazing. I totally love the pp that you have used and the contrast with then and now photo is a great idea.
Ok so not fair that you only showed a sneek peak. Wanna see it all now!
I lurve your lo in the masters book!!! And your accent and BTP are lovely!!
Wow Chris!! They are stunning!!! Loved checking out your layout in the mag too!! Congrats!
You are too nice. Thanks for your comments - and your work is gorgeous itself. Love your layout in the Masters Book - congrats...
take care
Chris your work is amazing, I loved the spice jars...what an awesome idea.
You know I have lost all inspiration to scrap latley but seeing your work has inspired me thnks for sharing with us all.
Your Lo looks gorgeous Chris.

Well done.
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