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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I know, what am I doing updating my blog on Christmas day?!LOL We've had a wonderful morning of festivities - followed on from a late night of it last night! Had 4 extra's sleep over so that we could all wake up and enjoy the fun with the kids! So we all feeling a bit tired about now. So just a quick update.
Here is a pic of both the girls and some of their Christmas gifts. Annaliese got so many pink things it wasn't funny. I think we're going to have to sugerically remove the tu-tu from her!LOL

I must have been a good girl I got a new Epson printer, a very pretty gold necklace and a Billabong back pack from Jason and the girls. I got a very stylish black Jag purse from my sister and some great pictures for our newly painted walls from my mum.
And not forgetting my RAK from Tarisota. Thank you so much Tamar, I just love everything in it!!! I've always wanted some of those Lil Davis letters and just never bought any! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hope everyone is having a great day too!!

Merry Christmas to you too gorgeous girl. Love the pics and oh you were a lucky girl
Wow Santa was kind to you this year.
Merry Christmas
ooh oooh ooh, spoilt you!! yay!!
WOW Chris you got nice and spoilt lucky girl.
The girls look gorgeous and so "pink" lol. Sounds like your household was a happy one.
Take Care and have a GREAT Boxing Day.
Tracy x
So jealous of your wonderful xmas pressie!!! lol.. I got a broken camera and grumpy child.. but at least we have each other! lol.. can't wait to see what you do with your printer and your girls look so adorable!! Glad you had a great day!
Oh an Epson - take it from me they are the best printers...enjoy it Chris.
Your Christmas sounds lots of fun - and your girls are just too cute!
take care
Yay so glad you like it
I love the idea of those elephant thingys - My two are the same height - might be okay in our house -Will have to check out the sales
Lucky you !!! Hubby of mine likes to buy me silly gifts... last year I got an plastic egg flip... this year I got some pot scrubbers !! I think he just goes to the supermarket at the last minute to see what's on special.....he keeps missing the chocolate aisle.
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