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Thursday, December 15, 2005

No bowl choc-bit slice

I've had a few requests for one of the recipes that was in my 'xmas family favourites' recipe holder that I did for Lime Tart, so here it is. Beware, it's very addictive and super yummy! Make sure you use unsalted peanuts for this recipe.

I can't thank you girls enough for leaving such lovely comments on my blog yesterday, not only about my Lime Tart projects but also about my mum. I'm hoping that today proves that we have been worrying over nothing! I will try and update my blog tonight to let you know how it all goes.

I had planned to make my mum a special xmas card and hadn't got around to it yet, so I quickly worked on this one last night, using the Lime Tart pack again (yes, I've still got product left after all the projects I've got, that's how big this pack is!) I kept the inside very simple and put lots of photos of the girls from our xmas photo shoots.

Yum Chris that sounds just scrummy!!!
The card is gorgeous and your Mum will love it and again sending you all best wishes for her tests to be clear and her to be in the very best of health.
Trac x
Oh Chris this is just like Hello Dollies that are so popular in the US. Just yummy and I will have to make them.
Gorgeous card that you mum is going to love to bits.
Hi Chris

Your Limetart work is absolutely fantastic - I've never seen so many gorgeous things at the one time!!!!
Big time congrats on your other recent success too!!!
Hope you all get the news you're after when your Mum has her angiogram.

xoxo Toby
I made this recipe up last night....yum, yum and more yum !! I used flaked almonds and walnuts as my nut content as that's all I had at the time....I also made a double batch because I knew that the boys would be into it even before it cooled down, sure enough left the kitchen for a couple of minutes and two big chunks...GONE !! I'll be lucky if there's any left tonight when I get home from work. Should have hidden a couple of bits for meself !!

Best of luck with your Mum's test results today Chris. Love the card, so will she.

Congrats on the recent win !!!

Debbie K
Wow - that card is gorgeous!! I bet your mum will LOVE it too!
Fingers crossed for her tests!
That slice looks pretty yummy too!! Might have to try it out!
oooh, sounds totally yum- might have to give it a go!!

And a HUGE CONGRATS on the Junkitz comp! Brilliant work!! yay for CHris!
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