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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Peer Pressure!

I've given in to the peer pressure of creating my own blog!LOL So here it is! The title of my blog is not only because I love the Ben Lee song - you can't help but bop along this tune, but also because I'm hoping to make this blog a lovely positive place to write my thoughts, share some pics and chat with friends. I hope that this will inspire others to also think of all the positives they have in their lives and create one big happy vibe!!!

Over the weekend I've been working on some projects for www.limetart.com.au . I am the guest design team member on the site for December and my projects will be uploaded on the 14th of December so come and check it out!!!

The girls had 2 friends over to play yesterday which took up the better part of Saturday and then last night after dinner we drove around to see the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood. Today has been a bit of a lazy day, Grandad came over for breakfast, as he often does. Shayla went to the beach with friends and has just arrived home and Annaliese and I went to Harvey Norman to have photos printed.

I've been trying to get some nice Christmas lights photos with the girls since we put the tree up on Thursday, here is one of Annaliese that has turned out ok. Thanks to all the Scrapboxx girls for your advice on how to get unblurry xmas lights photos!

Here is also a pic of the Christmas cards I've been working on to send to family and friends. They aren't really cards, but more like gift tags. I've glued a magnet on the back of each one so they can be put on the fridge.

That's a wrap for my first entry on my blog. Thanks if you are reading this and feel free to link yourself to my blog, or link me to you. I don't know how to do any of that yet, but will learn!

WOOOHOOOO Chrissy!!!!
Welcome to the world of blog!!!!!
Great site!! Love your Title!!!!
I'm not sure how you add onto this server, You should have a links section in you set up area, I just copy the link addresses then add to my links list!! I don't know if that will help with this one though!!!
Great Chrissy photo!!! Another tip for xmas lights photo's is if you put some gauze or netting over the lense the lights have that real starry effect!!
Sending some positive vibes back your way too!!
Take Care!!!
WELCOME to the world of blogging!!!! Link me, link me! and on my next linking mission I will link you too!

RACHEL - if you are reading this, update your blog, woman!

Hey there Chris!! welcome to the blogging world lol! I will definately be linking you, and you are more than welcome to link to me!
Roz xo
Thanks girls! I have just linked you all up!!!

Michelle, thanks for the tip on the xmas photos!!

Lovin' those positive vibes too!!LOL
Hi Chris,
I see your work at Scrapboxx and have just signed up at Limetart so I will look forward to seeing your guest designer work there!
Great blog - I like Ben Lee's songs too!!!
Moira aka Moi
That xmas lights photo is beautiful Chris!!
Welcome to the blogging world!!!
Hi Chris,

Your blog looks great, your cards are gorgeous and that photo is so sweet.

I'll definately be popping back to check out your blog and you're welcome to link to me if you wish. :)
Hi Chris!! Welcome to blogging!!

Love that photo...its so gorgeous!
Chris....that photo is precious - well done!! We put our Chrissy tree up yesterday and I have been thinking of doing some photos too and now you have inspired me even more!


Megan xx
Hi Chris!! great blog - LOVE those Christmas cards. Bring on December 14 - i want to see your Limetart stuff - i've gotta get a move on with mine!

will link yours to mine when i get a chance to fix everything up! :o)

Hi Chris,
You don't know me but I found your blog through Nic Howard.
So far your blog is great, I love the pic of the lights on the Xmas Tree and you cards are awesome.
I'll definately be popping back to check out your blog.

ok I have made it here at last!!!!
late as normal............lol
woooooooohoooooooo girlfriend you made it to the bloggin world.
It looks fantastic. Gorgeous pic of A.
And yes Mrs Howard I will update my blog!!!!!
Hi Chris! Great to see you catching the bug. And thanks for popping in to see my blog :o)

Looking forward to reading more, and will link you when I update my links!
Hey Chris your blog looks great. Love that chrissy photo so pretty. Happy blogging

Tracy X
Congrats Chris on becoming a blogger. Love those cards....now where can I find this advice about the Christmas lights????
Chris, welcoem to blogging. I will link you asap.

Hope you have fun blogging.
Got here from a link of Nic's. Love that photo of your daughter and the tree....wow....spectacular....do please share your new found tips...
hey chris....found you though the link from nic howards blog.
looking forward to peeking into your life (if you don't mind) - have loved your work forever
Hi Chris
Very impressive - as always - only discovered limetart the other week but will definitely be taking a look around the 14th. Must go and check out your other links.
Bye for now,
Hey girl welcome to Blogdom!!!!
Heya Chris!!!

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! You're BLOGGING, baby!!!

LOVE your Ben Lee song - had a good giggle! LOL

So glad I can keep up with what you're doing now!!!

Take care!
Ali :)
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