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Friday, December 30, 2005

Remember those teenage years?!

I know for some of you oldies it will be hard to remember that far back, but I'm sure that you've got a few odd photos lying around to remind you!LOL
I've been digging around in my old photos tonight trying to find a photo of myself for a comp that Kellie is running on the Scrap Needs site in January, it's a really cool comp, so jump onto her forum and check it out! Anyway, the comp requires you to create a layout centred around a photo of yourself aged somewhere around the 15-18 mark. I thought I wouldn't have a problem finding one of myself, but I really had to search for one! I think I must have been anti photo at that age! Anyway, here is one I dug up!

I'm 17 in this photo and as funny as it sounds now, Tenpin Bowling was a big part of my life then! I use to bowl 3 times a week at 2 different bowling centres. I use to travel to competitions all over Queensland, even to Rockhampton. I had my photo taken by the newspaper many times as I broke a few junior bowling records and made it to the top 3 female junior in the State. I thought I was pretty cool with my own 'caramel' bowling ball and multi-coloured shoe laces!LOL

Ok, who else is game to put a teenage photo of themselves up on their blog??? The first 2 people to do it and let me know I will send you a little RAK!

THat's one funny pic Chris. I must admit though, it's pretty tame compared to some of mine..LOL.. I was a baaad girl! THanks for sharing it.
LOL Chris, nice photo. I was a bowler too! I won a tournament back home and had the hugest trophy, not sure where it is now. My bowling ball was pink though and it also had my name engraved on it ;)
I think it is a pretty kool pic Chris!! Bowling is fun!!
I was game too!! My pic is on my blog now!!
Love your fish LO in the new SM too!! Ruby is gorgeous!!!!
you're a dag Chris Millar!!!
cute pic of you in your bowling gear!!!
I look forward to seeing this LO when completed.
And YES I agree bowling is fun but can't bowl to save myself!!!
Will have to checkout this comp.
Nice photo and well done on your bowling achievements. I am so bad at bowling.
Have added my photo to my blog.
Great pic Chris, I was never any good at playing sports..still not.
I have added a pic to my blog...now don't laugh.
ok I have added some pics too!!!
you look so young chris....lol
i used to love ten pin bowling too - not as "into it" as your were but alas my wrist prevents me from bowling these days.
have a great new years and see you in 2006
Hi Chris, you didn't leave your email addy on my blog. I've added my email address to my Blogger Profile if you want to email me and then I can email you back. LOL.

check out a blog entry of mine from October .. i think i beat you to it Chris LOL

i was just so darned cool ROFLMAO (at least i thought i was
Oh Chris, I'm laughing my head off at the thought of sharing one of my teen pics but I might later - ;)
Well I will just have to have a good look through my photos as I am sure I have some shockers of my own LOL.
LOVELY Chris !! He he !! You little champ too...congrats.
Debbie K
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