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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ribbons YUM!

Just got my strano order and as I was looking through it all I was saying 'oh these ribbons are so yummy' and Annaliese asked me if we could eat them!LOL It's so confusing for a scrappers daughter!LOL Here's a pic of all the 'yummy' ribbons I got. Strano still have their 20% sale going, but only till the end of the year!

I also got another surprise in the mail. This gorgeous little hanging accent for the tree made by the talented and very kind Jen Hall Thanks so much Jen for this, I am so touched that you sent me one!

I just got my copy of SM today too and Yay I've been chosen as a finalist for the Peoples Choice awards! This was my single layout for the masters last year, I loved it at the time, but I'd probably change some things on it now! I cut up a friends old handbag that she was going to throw away to create this layout. There is a little mini book inside the pocket where each of the family has said what they love about Shayla.

Congrats to all the entrants in the Peoples Choice Awards and good luck!!!

Congrats and good luck Chris....you know who I'll be voting for...even though the "S" on 'Someone' is upside down !! LOL !!
Debbie K
Oh loving that ribbon!
Congrats on the SM Peoples choice
Congrats on the SM Peoples choice :0) I loved that layout the first time I saw it


YUM yum and YUM some more...those ribbons surely are DIVINE

Ohh those ribbons sure are pretty!!!

Congrats on the SM Peoples Choice!!! - Love that layout and ROFL that you pulled apart a handbag for it - what a resourceful idea :)

PS. hope you have a great new years!
Congrats and good luck with the peoples choice awards, you would definatly get my vote.

The ribbons are yummy, my collection fails misrably compared to them lol!!!!

HaHa on the bag, I would never of thought of doing that.

A group of us are getting together at Nic Howards place today, it should be fun.
Have a wonderful New Years.
oooh, I just love this LO- it so deserves to be in there! Congrats!!

Can I come and eat, whoops I mean play with your new ribbons??? lol
Wow Chris I still love it!!! Its beautiful!! And love that Strano!! :) it is the absolute BEST BEST BEST Ribbon.. rofl.. cannot wait to see what you create!!

Good luck on the Peoples Choice!!!
WOOO hoo Chris - WTG with People choice !! best of luck!!
yummo look at all the lush ribbon!
sorry forgot to congrats you on your ppl's choice - NO surprise there!!! Best of luck.
Great having a catch up.
Why is it that the kids are behaving NOW that I'm off the phone!!!!
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