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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Xmas parties!

For the past two years I've been cropping with some girls that I met online that live in North Brissy. We get together every fortnight at each other houses and scrap (well, mainly chat!) anyway, we had our Xmas get together last night at Lone Star and had a great time! We have become such close friends and I really treasure each of their friendships.
Lately I've been working on a project for Scrap Needs for the month of January when I will be guest DT there! I've really loved doing the project and will do some sneak peeks as we get closer!!

Thanks for everyone that's been cruising and commenting on my blog! I'm not surprised that my hubby isn't the only one out there that lets them rip constantly!LOL

Speaking of pineapples, here is a layout I did a couple of months ago of the pineapple when it was first taking form. I used the 'macro' function on my camera for this photo and was really pleased with how it turned out. I was also loving doing circles at the time because the lovely Rachel had just sent me some great circle cutters! Thanks again Rach!!!

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sorry, hit the wrong button LOL

Love the Lone Star, only been there once, loved it when they got up and danced.
I wanna see a sneek peek, can I see one?? Pretty Pretty Please???
Love the layout and I am JEALOUS of the get-together!!!!!

how lucky you are to have such a great bunch of friends to scrap with chris - i have no one and feel quite on the outside of things at times.
love the lo you did of your pineapple - great use of pps.
well done
well I have to say I'm jealous too of those get togethers as I scrap on my own + I have met some of those girls + they are a lovely bunch of girls!!!!
and WOW Chris what a cool friend giving you some circle cutters!! Man, that chick must rock!!!...LOL
ps Jason lives up to his reputation well !!!!
yes you are a lucky duck, I'm lucky I have my sister and a couple of close friends up here who I occasionally scrap with!!
I love meeting new like minded friends through this craft!!! Where would we be if we didn't have online hey!!!
I so love the way you can manipulate printed paper into these stunning creations!!! You are so on fire girl!!! Looking forward to your next masterpiece!!!
Wow!! Chris that pineapple layout is stunning!! It's just gorgeous.

That's a great layout Chris and what a cool pineapple.
I have met a great bunch of girls through scrapping. They are awesome.
Wow Chris that is so stunning.. love it soooooooooo much!!! I love the circles!!!
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