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Friday, December 16, 2005

Yummy ribbons!

I've just finished placing an order with Strano designs they have the most yummy ribbons!!! I saw the link on Lee's blog and went and had a look and at the moment they have 20% off!!!! Yay, that was enough to convince me!!! Go check them out, you won't be sorry!

Well, that will teach me for not getting out of my pj's early enough this morning. A fellow came to the door at about 8am and I was so embarrassed answering my daggy pj's and it was the owner of a concrete pumping business that we use quite a lot (Alliance concrete pumping) anyway he was hand delivering a xmas card to us, which I thought was a bit strange and I apologised for my appearance and off he went. Anyway, when I opened up the card after he'd left, here were 2 Gold Class tickets and a voucher for the bar as well!!! How cool is that??!! Anyone got any tips on good movies at the moment?!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!!!

Aren't they yummy.
Enjoyed reading your answers to Michelles challenge. Must get onto that myself.
Thanks for the ideas for taking Xmas tree photos. I've taken some more which have turned out a bit better.
YAY go on the Strano ribbon!! It is gorgeous, did you know that Aussie Scrap Source has it, so there must be tonnes of retailers in Aussie with it, as well?

Oh just sent you an email about these ribbons but see that you have already ordered! Enjoy them
Thanks for the link for the ribbons !!
Hey, well done on getting the movie tickets...don't worry about the pyjama thing...I'm sure he got a chuckle out of it !!!
Debbie K
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