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Monday, January 09, 2006

Artist in the spotlight

Today I want to put Ruth Clarke in the spotlight.

I first met and noticed Ruth's fantastic scrapping style on ASC and have been following her closely ever since. Ruth has an real talent for hand stitching and is fire with it at the moment - you can check out her gallery here. Ruth is also very clever with using multiple photos on her layouts. I have always loved Ruth's stunning photos of her daughters and masculine shots of her sons. I was reading on Ruth's blog that one of the things she would love to do in 2006 is to make it onto a DT, well I will be very surprised if Ruth isn't snatched up very soon by someone as she would be an asset to any team!

Good luck in 2006 Ruth!

yes yes yes!! I love Ruthy, and her work has always got that 'something' that takes you in and inspires you and makes you feel her love!! Any DT would be very better for having her on their team!
Yet another fab scrapper! Thanks for letting us know.
Hi Chris! I'm a few posts behind here (blame that on my being totally MIA while overseas) - firstly congrats on the Scrapneeds DT! Am loving your spotlight on different scrappers - can't wait to see who tomorrow's is! :o)
love this artist in the spot light thing Chris, wonderful idea.
Ruth's work is gorgeous and thanks for pointing her out to us.

Thanks too for your comments on my blog especially regarding Scrap to the Max. :)

Nic xx
I've long been an admiring of Ruth's work. It is beautiful.
Thanks for highlighting Ruthy!! Good pick Chris! Not only is she a sensational scrapper but a gorgeous gal in real life too! Cheers to you Ruth and also to you Chris for your great feature here!
Gorgeous! I noticed Ruth's LO's on the Boxx and thought they were stiunning!

BTW Chris I love what you are doing, such a great idea!
Wow, two great choices Chris.. your blog is always so interesting.. thanks for sharing..
thx Chris for sharing Ruth's work with us - her work is FANTASTIC!!!
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