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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Artist in the spotlight

Today's artist is the lovely Sue Rohweder (aka - Toby)

Toby has such a wonderfully, textiled style. I've had the pleasure of seeing some of her albums and the work and detail that she puts into each layout is amazing! She has a gorgeous family who are show cased in her ablums and she is also branching out doing a few 'me' layouts. I still absolutely love Toby's BTP entry for the masters last year. You can view her stunning BTP item and her gallery here

Good luck in 2006 Toby!!

Oh my goodness gracious me!!!! I am absolutely gobsmacked (and I don't even usually use that word!!!!).

What a wonderful girl you are to include me in your scrapper feature. I checked in to your blog yesterday to see what you'd been up to and really loved reading about the lovely Rachel and Ruth (whose embroidered los are absolutely stunning).

Thought I'd take another look today - the page took ages and ages to upload and I was just about to walk away when my mug came up on the screen. No wonder it took so long to load, lol.

Thanks Chris, you've made my year!

Toby aka Sue
awww I have to agree with about the detial in Sue's work - it is awesome isn't - I'm still gob smacked at how long she's been scrapping for!! That girls going to do some pretty great things this year I just know it :)

Ohh and btw - I'm so giggling here and can you posible guess about what!! - You're a classic Chris!! AND nope I for one am never going to forget haha
YAY for Toby!!!
I love your work too + it makes such a difference seeing ppl's ablums in irl.
Yes I think 2006 we will be seeing some amazing things from you!!!!
Yes, Sue has gorgeous work!! Don't be shocked that Chris has included you Sue!!
Yes Sue you do have beautiful work. A well deserved spotlight I reckon and well done Chris for spotting Sue's beautiful work :)
Wow Sue, 3 cheers for you! No surprise to see you make the masters comp! Lovely work!
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