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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Artist in the Spotlight!

My final artist for this week is the lovely...................
Fiona Leehane

Fiona is one of those quiet achievers, she lives in my old home town, Ballarat and has jumped onto the scene late last year with her double page and accent gaining honourable mentions in the Scrapbooking Memories Masters comp (The above layout is the single Fiona did for the Masters!! How cool is it?) She's got 2 gorgeous kiddies who feature in many of her layouts and she takes fantastic photos of them! She is a whiz with double layouts and has some very funky and fresh looks happening in her layouts! Fiona is an email buddy of mine and next time I'm in Ballarat I'm going to be sure to drop in on her and check out her album in real life! (if that's ok Fiona!!LOL) You can check out Fiona's cool designs here.

Have a wonderful 2006 Fiona!!!!

I had so much fun with artists in the spotlight this week, so watch out as I'm sure I'll be doing it again in the near future!!!!

OMG! I'm so.....I don't know......embarrassed!?! & Honoured at the same time.....lol

Chris you are such a beautiful person! plus very talented scrapper, thank you so much, I'm lost for words.....*fiona*
WEll hello Fiona!! Nice to 'meet' you and your work!! And what a clever little chicky you are!
Yes Chris, I can't wait to meet u IRL! It would be a pleasure to scrap alongside you!
Fiona's scrapbooking is bright and fresh. Bright colours, bright future for Fiona I say!
Hi Chris... Fiona linked me to your blog! I have the priveledge of working with Fiona and I am a big fan... I love her work, and this LO is a stunner!!
Thanks all!

It's nice to 'meet' you as well, I'm still feeling a little blown away!?!
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