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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Artist in the spotlight

Today my artist in the spotlight has a digi twist!
Yes, it's the very talented Peta (Possum) Stokes!

Peta's scrapbooking has just gone from strength to strength as she quickly becomes a very well known Aussie digital scrapper! Mind you she can also scrap a very mean 'traditional' layout too! She has been on numerous Digi DT's and is so talented that she's even be known to create her own digi products!! I love her fun, funky, fabulous style! And to top it all off Peta is a super lovely girl who has one of the kindess souls!
Peta really hit her stride towards the end of 2005, but I can see an even brighter future ahead for her in 2006! You can see the sensational works created by Peta here.

Woohoo Peta - have a fantastic, successful 2006!
Also, just wanted to add, that Peta is spreading her talent on the following 3 Design teams - Addicted to digital, Sand-Gal Designs and Sweet n Sassy Designs

this is so wonderful that you share your fellow scrapper's with us. I absolutly love Peta's work, both digitally and traditional. This is a great way of getting to know people on a more in depth level. It's great to put names to faces. I'm certainly going to enjoy gazing my way through her gallery.Thanks too to all the encouragement I've received from everybody as a result of your generousity.
Ruthy x
Another wonderful scrapper CHris!! Peta is definately on the move!
aww you made me cry!!! Thank you Chris!! I'm lost of words.... And you know that's saying something ROFL

and also Ruthy awww thank you also makeing my blush!!! ROFL

I better stop prattling before I make a total 'dork' of myself [ i know to late been doing that for AGES now but SHH ;)]
Well.....I totally agree. Watch out world, here comes Peta!
She really is a kind soul isn't she.

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog, I have read on here for a while, but I get a bit funny about commenting as I don't know if it is the done thing or not -- ok ramble over!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris.

Sandi :)
adeditonal - OMG you have been on the hunt haven't you! I was expeting a link to my boxx/two pea's gallery not my scrapbook-bytes one!! WOW I'm impressed! :)
I think what you're doing here is so lovely, Chris!!! You have picked some gorgeous scrappers whose work I also adore (along with your own, naturally!!!) - and Peta is indeed wonderful. :)
Yay - lovely to see missy Peta in the limelight!!! Congratulations Peta on all your great work - I don'tknow when you get any study done with all the los you produce!!! and a big thanks to Chris for this week's entertainment. I'll certainly be staying tuned to see who you've got up your sleeve next!!

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