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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Today the girls and I went shopping for a present for my cousin who had a baby girl last week. We came across Target having a sale so bought a couple of pink jumpsuits for her and also stocked up on some boy outfits for Jason's sister who has just found out she's having a boy! 5 outfits for just $36 is pretty good!! I also made a card for my cousin as well. I'm very card challenged so I'm very happy with how this one turned out!

I heard the new SM is out, but as usual it hasn't landed in my letterbox yet! Here is the layout I did for the 'my favourite scrapper' theme. I have long loved Fiona's style - she never fails to delight me! This is scan isn't the best, it's overlapped the two sides a bit.

And finally tonight I was to say a very well deserved congratulations to a friend of mine - Sharon Manning for winning a spot on the Scrapworks DT!

well i think you have scrapped a fantastic card for someone who is "card challenged"...a lady who makes cards here once told me that she looks at her cards as mini los - and boy does she make some gorgeous cards.
love the lo you did for sm chris - i'm not receiving it on sub anymore so i may have to have a "browse" at the newsagents next time i am in.
have a great sunday


p.s. i noticed your "wrong" post on michelle's blog....lol...weren't watching the tennis again were you lovey...??? rotfl
WOW you did pick up some very cut bargains Chris and that card looks amazing.
Well, I wish I could make a card that fabulous!!

How good is the Target sale at the moment?

And I love the LO of Fiona- and I bet she did too!
Loving your card and layout. Just gorgeous.
for a non card maker you have done a lovely job. Baby stuff OMG how cute are they and how long ago it seems i was buying it LOL!

Can't wait to purchase my SM as all the sneek peeks and review sound and look great, nice job.

Ooooh, I love looking at baby clothes - pathetic isn't it from someone who really is past that stage (and no I'm not having a go at you, lol!!). I think it's because they bring up such wonderful & warm memories and feelings.
Probably won't get my copy of SM until Wed - seems to be the day the postie brings it. The lo on Fiona looks great!!
Now you're adding cards to your vast repertoire!!! Looks fabulous.
Wasn't that the absolute best news about Sharon - I am sooo thrilled and excited for her.
Bye, Toby
Hi Chris, said I would comment next time I popped in .The layout and card are both stunning.You have done beautiful work as usual.
PS. I dont have to flog a dead horse any more.lol
Leanne Meredith.
Hi Chris,
Loved seeing your layout in SM (I know, I've seen it before - LOL, but its always great to see it in print). I was so very excited, and thank you for your lovely journalling on there.
Your baby card is gorgeous, don't think you can call yourself "card challenged" anymore.
Chat soon
Card challenged...yeah right Chris!!! If you were card challenged, this card wouldn't look so fantastic now would it?

Love the layout too..what a gorgeous tribute to Fiona!!!!
OMG - Thanks for the bit about Sharon Chirs I didn't know - I'm so gobsmacked right now [off to email hehe]....

I love the card you have done!!! You're such a clever chick! The baby stuff is just too cute just think of the cute little photos of the little one in them hehe ;)
Wow Chris you seem to be on a roll - love your LO's.
Yummo on the card!!! and don't ya just love baby shopping!!! lol.. too cute, you forget that your kids were ever that small!!!
Yep absolutely fabulous Chris!!! "Card Challenged my #*@"
Just keep em coming!!!
You continue to amaze me!!! Love your stuff and Love Fiona's too!!! Great LO and you are both great artists!!!!
Chris I'm loving your card skills
I've just this minute found out you have a blog. Where have I been, lol?

Loved your page in the SM. Do you have your copy yet?

Ooh, don't get me started looking at more baby clothes. Jamie moved into 000 clothes today and I have sooooooo many of them - he'll only ever hope to wear half of them before he grows out of them. Aren't baby clothes just the cutest?

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