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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Been to the beach!

We took off for a few days to the Outrigger at Kingscliff, such a beautiful part of the world! I book the holiday months ago and didn't realise at the time that it would be at same time that school started back! So Shayla missed the first 3 days of school and will start back tomorrow!
We had a lovely relaxing time at Kingscliff, soaking up the sun by the pool and eating yummy meals (there goes the diet again!) Annaliese surprised us by suddenly learning how to swim! She has never wanted her head underwater before and her first swim in the pool at the Outrigger she started putting her head under and before we knew it she was kicking and blowing bubbles and actually doing a little bit of swimming! The girls had a such a fantastic time!

I also was lucky enough to catch up with the delightful Miss Roz! We chatted the afternoon away and looked at each others albums and it was wonderful to see Roz's superb work in the flesh again! Thanks for catching up Roz - bring on the Scrap Needs retreat now!!

This is the good photo of Roz and I, you don't want to see the bad ones that Jason took while he was making us giggle! Or the one he took of our bums as we were looking over the balcony!LOL
Will catch up more tomorrow. Will leave you with one more photo of where we were staying! This is the main pool and the ocean in the background.

Welcome back Chris!! Sounds like you had a great, relaxing time!! How wonderful for you to catch up with Rozzie too!!!! Shari xxx
I'm jealous!! A holiday and you get to check out Roz's albums!! Sometimes I wish I lived in QLD!! Mind you I got to 'play' at Kates house over the holidays, but all I did was talk!!! And I mean I didn't shut up. Did much of that happen with you and Roz??????
Wow, that place looks beautiful Chris. Glad you had a nice holiday and got to see Rozzie. Looking forward to the retreat too!
Ohh you lucky girl!! Looks fantastic!!! - had to giggle about the bum photo CRACK UP [pun not intended ROFL]

Wahoo about Annaliese and the swimming that's a great mile stone!!!
Wow Chris, sounds like you guys had an awesome time!!! What a beautiful spot!!! Hope you are feeling all fresh and recharged!!! I can't wait to see what you will have in store for us next!!!!
LOL, don't you DARE put the bum photo on here!! I am never eating again lol!!

So glad you had a nice time, and it was so wonderful catching up and seeing your albums! I WILL be scraplifting rotfl!
Welcome back Chris. Place looks awesome where you were staying and well done A for learning to swim... clever girl !!!
Very jealous of you catching up with Roz and getting to see her amazing work close up. I'm sure she enjoyed seeing your work too.
Debbie K
wow, that view is amazing!! lucky you, getting to meet Roz!
Glad to have you back though, and glad you had a great time!
Two talented girls together, swapping albums, would have loved to be a fly on your shoulders!
Love Rozzie's hair getting longer, looks nice. glad to have you back on the board Chris. Now where are these Scrapneeds retreats you say?
Chris -that image of the girls standing side by side is just gorgeous.
Oh glad to have you back to blogging. What fun that you got to catch up with Roz.
Well i wondered where u got too, been checking in,looks nice, would have been good to Miss Roz too
Glad to hear that Rach's little boy is on the mend...poor little fella.

WOW..sounds like you had an awesome time at Kingscliffe. Lucky you, catching up with Rozzie!!
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