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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Changes in the new year already!

After a recent restructure of the Chatterbox downunder design team (which is no longer using the Chatterbox name) I have made the difficult decision to resign from the team. I know it was the right thing for me to do but was a sad decision. I made some lovely new friends from the experience and hope to keep in contact with all of them!

On a happier note, the lovely Ruth Clarke has just started up a blog. Cleck out the layouts Ruth has just done, they are divine! Have fun blogging Ruth!

I went to the LSS yesterday and bought some of the new 'we R memory keepers' letters and papers. I also found the yummiest rub-ons called 'artistic accents' by dee's designs! Can't wait to use them!

Sorry to hear about the Chatterbox DT thing Chris :0( BUT chin up...I am sure that something even better will be just around the corner for you :0)

So sorry to hear about Chatterbox DT Chris. But being the amazing scrapper that you are there will be so many more opportunities for you.
Sorry to hear about your descion to resign from CB DT but I am sure you made the right choice
Oh Chris, I'm gobsmacked!!!

Anyway,I always believe that you never know what is around the corner. I'm certain that it will be something that will be just right for you.

Hi Chris
I know your decision wasn't made lightly! And I also know you made the right choice:O)
Yay for Miss Ruthy!!! Will go and check her blog. And glad you did get to go shopping yesterday:)

Chris I know how disappointed you are about the CBX DT but I'm sure there is something BIGGER + BETTER instore for you real soon.
a talent like yours will surely be whipped up!!
In the meantime girlfriend keep pumping out those fantastic LO's!
WOW Chris what a huge decision for you to make , but I'm with kim on this one "you made the right choice!" ... You an amazing scrapping I have no dout that there will be bigger and BETTER things around the corner for you :) plus you still have FK.. looking forward to seeing your work in that :) hugz girl
WOW thats come out of the blue!

What a difficult decision but Im sure the right one for you right now :)... so much more in store for you Chris ((Hugs))
a difficult decision for you i am sure chris but you sound like you feel you made the right one so that's all that's important.
take care

CHris, I know too that you have not taken this lightly, and we have both made the right decision I think!!
That would have been a hard decision for you Chris, but one door closes and another opens. You have too much talent girl to keep all to yourself, something will be just right for you soon.
Take Care
PS: still looking for THAT photo, lol
Sorry to here about CBX DT thing, what a hard decision! I'm sure that you have made the right choice
What a hard choice for you to make Chris, but doing what is best for you is most important for sure :) and I agree with everyone else, with your talent something else will pop up !
Wow Chris, that must have been such a hard decision to make but one door closes......another one opens.....I'm sure...

Nicole xxx
hi Chris- I erckon it was the right choice too- good for you :)
Disappointing though :(
Oh well- onwards and upwards

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