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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cultural Experience

Just a little side track from my 'Artist in the Spotlight' this week to tell you about a wonderful cultural experience we had on Sunday.

Has anyone heard of the Hindu/Indian tattoos called 'Henna'?? Well we saw it on a doco some time ago and found it all very interesting and then we started looking on the net about it and Jason suggested we try and find a Henna artist and let the girls experience a bit of culture. So that's what we did on Sunday and it was just the most fantastic experience. We found the lovely 'Chaitali' on the internet, she just lives at Zillmere and Chaitali and her husband Sumit welcomed us into their home. They are only newly married of about 6 months and were just the most lovely people. They put on their wedding and engagement videos for us while we were there to show us Chaitali with the Henna on her legs and arms for her wedding day. It took her 11 hours to have it all done. They told us about so many of their customs in regards to their wedding, which lasts for 3 days with different ceremonies on each days and about 700 people at each ceremony! They were both excited to be talking about it all with someone and Chaitali brought out her wedding bracelets for us to look at! They said they sit down every weekend and watch their wedding video as they have no family over here. They were so sweet and on the way home Annaliese (who was as quiet as a mouse the whole time we were there) said how kind they were! We were all feeling very enriched from our experience, as simple as it was.

I got one as well on my wrist, but didn't get a photo of it getting done. Here is the photos of the girls having theirs done.

Over the next few days the black paste flaked away and left the tattoo underneath. This is what it looks like now.

Wow that's awesome Chris, what a fun thing for your family to do.
WOW that sounds amazing Chris and so very interesting.
wow Chris that does sound like an awesome experience!!! Love the photos!!!
Wow, they are so sensational.. it is great going to someone who knows so much about it, and not just a copy cat.. I think that is a most wonderful and enriching thing to do with your children!!! You amaze and inspire me.. imagine the kids telling the story when they go back to school.. how cool!!

Oh and I am TOTALLY in love with the tattoo on Annaliese's foot.. it is so beautiful..

So where is the layout inspired by those gorgeous tattoo's?? :)

Rach xx
They look fantastic Chris!! What a kool thing to do with your family!!
Totally cool Chris.
Chris I teach many indians and they often come to school with henna tatoos. Urs look great. I have a real tatoo on my hip of a rose. I had it done 2 yrs ago.
Oh Chris, that is just so cool! What a fab thing to do with the girls!
WOW Chris...what an awesome experience for the girls. They look fantastic. Showing my ignorance here, but how long do they last??
sounds like an amazing experience chris! :)
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