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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A few altered things!

I did a challenge on my blog about 2 weeks ago for people to upload teenage photos of themselves which was an idea I got after seeing the Scrap Needs comp this month. And these were the diaries I altered and sent to the girls who did the challenge.

If you haven't been to check out the comp at Scrap Needs get over there - a $50 voucher to the Scrap Needs shop is up for grabs!!

I also picked up this box the other day for $3 and have altered it for one of Shayla's friends who is having a b'day in a couple of weeks and we will buy something for her to go inside.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

Wow Chris...those diary's are so gorgeous..you are such a generous person.
Chris, they are all gorgeous!!
I am so going to have to come shopping with you!! that 'bag' for $3 *picks jaw up off the floor* although I don't think I could alter it anywhere near as well as You have!!! WOW WOW WOW
WOW Chris that box is totally yummy!! I am sure the little girl will love it for her birthday :0)

Oh it's a beautiful box Chris....and so are your diaries - yum!
Very lovely work here and a delight to those girls who will be the lucky recipient of your gifts!
I want one!!! love those diarys!

love the BTP too, I am sure she will love it!!
I was also one of the lucky recipents of one of those awesome diary's.
Thanks Chris it will be very well used, I have already gone thorough and put in all the important dates, maybe this year I won't keep forgetting them :)
I can now clam that I have a Chris Miller original lol!!!!

BTW loving the bag, its georgeous.
Chris the bag is just gorgeous. You're so clever. And I was also a lucky recipient of a diary. Thanks so much Chris. Mines the dark purple one. It's so cool.
Also meant to say Chris I enjoyed your 'Artist in The Spotlight' week too. Love their stuff.
Chris those diaries are brilliant!
The girls are going to love those and think of you every time they use it, lovely idea!

Still love the bargain box you altered :)
I followed a link in Peta's blog and found yours...and I am so glad I did! Totally gorgeous work and I especially love that bag! WOW!
That box is just gorgeous!!! And the diaries too :)
This box is AMAZING!! aNd the diaries are just fantastic!!
what a gorgeous box you did Chris! It is sooo cute!

where did you get it from??
I also got a diary and i LOVE it!!! So talented you are Chris!!!
And that box is stunning!! I want one!! They would make great gifts wouldnt they!!
YES those wee diary's are just the BEST!!! I got one too!!!!
IN fact they are such a great idea + easy to do I'm so stealing Chris's idea (with her permission of course) to do one for my sil !!!
Those boxes are just rockin + Chris you are making every one drool + want one!!!!
It is gorgeous Chris. Love the bright colours. You're a clever chooky.
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