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Monday, January 30, 2006

First Scrap Needs DT project

Yay!!!! My first Scrap Needs DT project is up today! It was originally my guest DT project, but then the lovely Kell asked me to be permanently on the team! (which I'm still so thrilled about!) It's a paper bag 'Valentines' album.

To see the instructions on how I created the ablum click here.
Paper bag albums are so fun and inexpensive to make, such a cool idea for a mini album!
Thanks Julie for the tip on using your black zig pen to fill in the centres of the prima flowers!

I love this album, it is fantastic. You are so good at what you do. The card and the box are great as well. You are such an inspiration.

Nicole Cornwill
Loving your album Chris!! And congrats again.
Love these Chris, I think you are one very talented lady!!!
WOW Chris this is DIVINE...I can see why they asked you to stay on permanently!!! you make a wonderful addition to the fab DT :0) looking forward to seeing more of your yummy goodies

Chris, your album, card and box look awesome.

Congrats on being on the team FT now!

never any doubt that you would land a dt position with someone chris...your work is awesome and inspiring and i love that you share it with us in your blog.

Ditto to what Shazz said!
Wow, Wow, Wow! Sooo nice love the album....
Well you know that I think this album sux.......NOT!! rotfl!!

Hey, and here I was thinking I was being lazy last week by using the zig for the centres of the flowers....lol
Love the album Chris. You deserve to be on the design team your work is just devine!
Loving your Album Chris, looks awesome :) Great idea about the pen in the middle of the flowers!
Love, love, love it Chris!!! Looking forward to seeing heaps of your work at Scrap Needs too!! :) Shari xxx
OMG Chris...that is awesome.
I had a good look at it on scrapneeds Chris it is awesome, congrats on the DT spot, I look forward to seeing more of your work on there :)

I loved it when I saw it at Scrap Needs.

I don't really love it anymore though.

LOL joking, I think it is gorgeous, gorgeous!
Stunning album Chris! you do beautiful work!!
I agree with everyone else, Chris. Your work is inspirational. Where did you get the long paper bags? I have looked for them, but can only find the squarish ones that Coles sells.
Yeah, I wanna know where to get the bags too !!
Also, you know how I feel about that album !! Hope J likes it.
Debbie K
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