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Saturday, January 28, 2006


I just wanted to wish my wonderful friend Debbie a very, very happy birthday today! Deb and I met online (through ASC - thanks Shari!) and we chat every day via email! For anyone that knows Debbie knows what a totally lovely, generous, loyal, happy and supportive girl she is! All that and is a super talented scrapper! Check out her gallery here (she doesn't work for this site anymore, but this is her only gallery at the moment)
So have a wonderful day Deb and get up to lots of mischief if you can!

* just wanted to thank everyone that has sent their wishes for Taidhg, Rachel and their family. I got to talk with Rach on the phone last night after Evana helped track down the number for the hospital. Taidhg is doing better since the transfusion and hopefully will continue to improve! Rach was very touched by all the support and well wishes!

Miss Debbie's gallery is certainly chocful of fantastic stuff!! Happy birthday Debbie.

Hopefully little Taidgh will continue to improve at a great rate of knots and they can all go home soon. It's heartbreaking when little ones are so ill - Rachel and her family must be worried sick themselves. You're a good girl Chris, to track her down and cheer her up!!

Bye, Toby
Wow....oh wow !! I can't believe you did this....what an absolutely fabulous person you are !! Thanks Chrissy Babe !!

Yes, our best wishes and thoughts are with Rach and family for a speedy recovery for Taidgh.
Debbie K
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE! My hubby shares this birthday....best people bor today huh!

Glad that Tiadhg is doing alot better. Let Rach know we are all sending our thoughts at this time.

Huge hugs
Just realised that is Debbie Kingston!! OMG girl your hair rocks......I love that cut. Pleas esay a huger hi for me. We spent some time together at ISC helping and loved her company!

Wow chris your friend Deb sure does beautiful stuff. TFS- Ruthy
amazing stuff your friend does chris. please pass that on to her.
so glad to hear that your other friends son is doing well.

o0o chris thanks for letting the cat out of the Bag about Debbies Birthday :)

I hope she had an awesome day, and she DOES do stunning work :D
Thanks Chris for all your help!

Love your Blog and I now have you linked to mine. I wish your friends little boy well, he's in our prayers.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!! Hope you had a fab day :o)

Thanks for the update on Taidhg, lots of prayers still heading their way.
so glad to here that Taigh is doing better, it must of been a huge shock for Rach and her family. Thoughts and prayers are still heading her way.
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