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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Into the NEW!

Reflecting on 2005 it was such a wonderful year. It all started with a fun trip down to the Tennis in January with my sister - gosh how I love Melbourne in the summer! And the atmosphere when the Australian Open is on is so fantastic! Love it! Here's a pic of me kissing my boyfriend this year!LOL

It was a dream for me to see Agassi play and I got to do that at a very exciting Friday night match against Taylor Dent.
While I'm in Melbourne we get to see our gorgeous cousin Shae! I also saw her again in June when I did a quick little weekend trip down to Melbourne for some scrapping committments.
In November it was off to my first ISC with Rach, which was a whirlwind experience! We had many laughs that weekend, especially on the plane with our good friends Sally and Jacqui who kept us entertained the whole time!LOL
In between these little holidays I had many special family moments. One of the big ones being my SIL falling pregnant. I'm so excited about another baby being in the family!
I hope that 2006 is just as fantastic and exciting for us, our family and our friends!

The new photos on my header are from when I took the girls and Jack (my nephew) to the park the other afternoon! I was really happy with some of the shots I got!
Yesterday we spent the morning at the beach and silly me got sunburnt, so am paying for it today!

Off to the reopening of a LSS near me today! I need some new pp - this is one thing I don't buy a lot of when I do online orders as I like to actually see and feel the papers first.

Have a great day everyone!

oooooo, have fun shopping !!! Lucky you !!
Debbie K
Hi Chris - hobnobbing again with celebrities, I see!!

It's lovely to have the prospect of a new baby in the family - hope he/she likes to be photographed, lol.

Hi Chris - love the pic of you and Andre LOL so funny :)) - lucky for you the tabloids didnt pick up on it!!!
Wishing you a wonderful 2006 Chris....and next time you head down to Melbourne you have to let me know...
take care
Hey, I remember you going down there last Jan! Andre looks like he's enjoying that lol!!

And the new header pics are so adorable!
Oh lookie at you with the celeb! LOL.
Have a great 2006
loving all your pics! hope you had fun scrap shopping - ooohhh, yummy touching paper...

HAHA Chris love the photo [and the header of course too Jack is certainly a cutie - love the photo of him!]

You did have a great year didn't you and I'm sure 2006 is going to have just as many wonderful things in store for you :)
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