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Monday, January 16, 2006

More Boxes and Roz!!

Well I decided those boxes were too good for that price and went down and got myself some more! These ones now adorn the top of my computer desk and will store my stamps, inks and other goodies!

And I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today from the very sweet Roz!! We were talking about the chocolate zig pen on Scrap Needs the other day and she came across one in her shopping travels and sent it to me. Along with these cute little bags and home made card!!! Thanks so much Roz! I love a surprise!!!

Thanks to everyone that left a comment about my altered box and diaries!! I really appreciate all your kind words!!!

Hey Chris, you are so welcome! I know how much I love my choc zing, and I know you will too!

And those boxes are just awesome! If you go back to that shop before you come down, would you mind grabbing me 2 or 3 and I'll give you the $$ when I see you? Only if you're going there, dont make a special trip or anything!!
Wow and they come in different sizes...you are so right, you can't pass up a bargain like that!!!

Rozzie is just the sweetest gal isn't she!!!!
loving all those boxes, they look so good!
WOW Chris!!! that altered box is fantastic and what a wonderful collection of boxes! and what a sweety that Roz is, such a lovely pressie :)

LOL do I dare try again?! ROFL!!

That is a great idea for storage!

What a wonderful present from Roz!
well you KNOW I LOVE those boxes and look how FAB they look on up on your desk!!!
And what a sweetie Roz is!!
those boxes look sooo cute

and thanks for the help on the banner cant wait to get it done
Chris...those cases are sooo 'chic' OMG I love them!

It was very sweet of Roz to share such a fabo gift!
I've been looking for a 'chocolate' zig, thanks for the info....off to check out Scrap Needs.....lol
wow, those boxs are great, they certinly look fab sitting there!!
loving them boxes too - your altered one is just gorgeous. One lucky girl!
JJust catching up on your Blog....all those boxes and books look fantastic. Congrats on Scrap Needs too!!!
Hello LUV, Guess who? Yes I have found my way into the right place to leave you a little note. Hope you're having a great time. Always love your work but then I am a little biased. Tennis has been terrific and I know you'll be watching. Hope you're not scrapping at the same time!! Give my little darlings a big hug and I'll see you all soon....Mon 23/1/06..11pm. Yawn!
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