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Sunday, January 08, 2006

My layout for Julie

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have Julie Love do a layout for me using a photo of Annaliese. I wanted to return the favour and have done this layout using a photo of Julie's Mum and Dad. It was fun playing with someone else's photo, but also a bit stressful trying to create something that I wanted Julie to really like! I did a double layout using the 8.5x11 format which Julie scraps in. This is what I came up with!

I'll send the layout off to you this week Julie! I hope you and your Mum and Dad will like it!!!

Queen & Co. comp - Nic Howard wants us to spread the word about this comp, it's the easiest comp you'll ever enter, click on the link and give it a go!

WOW Chris this LO is just SCRUMMY, I think Julie will just love it!!!! You Rock girl!!!!

Trac x
oh just saw this on Julie's blog. Love it
OMG Chris!!! This is just divine!!! I'm sure Julie is going to LOVE it!!!!

Just drop me an email if you ever wanna scrap one of my photos ;o) LOL

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS - nothing less than what we've come to expect of you!!!

Ali :)
Gorgeous as usual Chris, love the stamping and the sewing - and the touches of colour are yummo. Want some of my photos? LOL!!
just gorgeous Chris, I bet Julie loves it
julie is gonna love this lo chris.....you have done a fantastic job.
i entered the queen & co comp - too easy

TOTALLY GOBSMACKINGLY PERFECTLY GORGEOUS...YEP you guessed it...I LOVE IT...Chris you have done an awesome job with this piccie....and I feel honoured to have a layout of yours in my album

Thanks HEAPS girl!!!

Gorgeous layout Chris, it is so super stunning.. love those rub-ons you used too.. yummo!

And ditto what Ali said.. let me know if you ever want to scrap one of my photos.. :)
Gorgeous, gorgoeus, gorgeous!
Wow Chris, That LO is fantastic, any time you want some photos from me or a swap let me know. It will be a first but would be a fun challenge! Julie will love it FOR SURE!!
Oh wow you are good - LOVE this layout Chris....stunning.
Oh wow Chris, what a truly magnificent page!! You're going to have people lining up with requests now!! (me being one of them lol)
what a totally gorgeous LO chris!! scrapneeds must be so happy to have you on their DT - congratulations! :)
I'm lining up behind these girls, too. Nuh.....I just want to push them out of the way. It's beautiful.
Well, I'm running out of words to describe your work !! Julie's a very lucky lady.
Debbie K
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