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Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Scrap Space

I bought some wire paper racks yesterday and then spent all day setting them up and reorganising my scrap room! I love how tidy the racks have made my space look. Now I must actually do some scrapping!! I have an FK project I am working on and then I am doing a layout for Julie Love to say thank you for the fabulous one she did for me!

I saw this colour profiler on Tracy's blog so gave it a go.

I was Winter Dawn
inspired by the whites in our world...
the first light, still, hushed, tranquil,
a quiet place to think & reflect, freshly
washed sheets blowing in the breeze,
snow flakes gently falling, pearlised
glass, translucent porcelain pure simplicity,
a blank canvass - a masterpiece awaits...

I love fresh crisp sheets and would sleep on new sheets every night if I took the time to wash that much!LOL I'm also very into white cardstock too - just bought a stack from Scrap Needs this week!

Love your scrap room, I am so jealous to have a room just for me and it is so tidy and coordinated.
very nice Chris, you look so organised :)

btw, you need to check some of your blog links, you have too many //'s at the end of some of your links so the pages are coming up not found..Alli
Looks nice and neat Chris! Gosh, puts mine to shame... I need someone to help me - don't know where to start!! Yikes...
Great scraproom Chris :)
OMGosh Chris I LOVE your scrap room...mine is about half this size!!! you must feel very creative when you are sitting in here :0)

Oh I wanna come and scrap at your house!
Chris your space is so neat and tidy!!

Fantastic, I only have a little desk but I love that little desk. I'd love to have a bright airy room like yours.....
wow, I just love your room, it is so neat and tidy, you make me want to clean mine out and tidy it up!!!
Oh your scrap room is palatial compared to my little corner..LOL..
Thanks for sharing it with us.
I am so coming to scrap in your room! I love how tidy it is!!
WHOA.. way too organised and definitely too neat.. love it tho.. when you going to invite me round.. actually I'll be there next time I can't be stuffed cleaning mine.. hehe.. I'm such a messy scrapper.. so you might not want me :(
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