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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New CK!

I got the new CK a couple of days ago and man this one is good! I've got ideas jumping around all over the place now and not enough time to scrap!
I have so many favourites in this issue but won't name them all, these are the two that stood out to me:
Honestly - By Elsie Flannigan (and the article is spot on too!)
Children show what they know - By Carey Johnson, this is the most precious photo in this layout, it's what I love the most about this layout!
I know I said I'd only say two, but Spirit - by Sonya Shaw is also another goodie! Love the design and white background in this one!

And here is my layout that is in the Aussie readers gallery - it is my last one now that I'm on the FK team. I love these photos of Annaliese all rugged up, we don't get to do that much up here!

This layout was suppose to be in CK as well, but I got an email from Krys saying that they won't be using it now! This is one I did for my sisters travel album. I love doing her travel photos for something different. (the bottom photo isn't really blurry, it's just scanned that way)

We are off to the Eumundi markets thismorning and to pick up Annaliese who had a sleepover at my sisters! Just quick trip and then home again!!
Have a great day everyone!

ahh, doesn't it suck when they're left out!!

Gorgeous LO's of course Chris, you know I love everything you do!

And how good is CK????
I love that layout you have in CK Chris...bummer about the other one!!!

So many girls are talking about how good CK is this month...there must be something wrong with me lol..It didn't do much for me. Last months on the other hand, made me want to scrap straight away.
wow, these LOs are amazing!!!

thankyou for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it.
Yea I loved your LO in the CK too, Gee you hate it when LO's have been put aside for publication (and for some time when it's for CK) and then they don't get used at all. Like christmas without the presents!
Your sister is lucky having you do her photos! Love your LO's too.
GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Chris!!! bummer that one missed out though

your los are an inspiration as always chris.
and even though the second lo didn't make ck (which i agree is a fantastic read/look this mth), thanks so much for sharing it here with us.
just love your work

shazz xo
AWW Love the CK layout Chris - what a great achievement!! - sucks about the second one - I love the little uk tag on the bottom photo!

Hope Annaliese enjoyed her sleep over!
Sorry about the layout not ending up in CK!
I have one coming up that got accepted just before I got the ET call. It was through Queen & Co though... not sure if I will be named!

Wow, gorgeous layouts - I love the Warm Hearted one - totally beautiful.
love those layouts, chris. can't wait to see your stuff in fk.

and i am hanging out for the new CK but can't seem to get my hands on it! grrrrrrrr.
Those layouts are just gorgeous Chris. I love the feel of both of them.
Chris I love these 2 layouts.
I love your blog, it is the best I have read and i have seen a lot. I enjoy going to it every day to see what you have been up to.
just LOVE that LO in CK, it is just gorgeous :) Well done on getting in there! Havent seen the new one yet, cant wait to get it.
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