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Monday, January 09, 2006


I'm a tad excited today because........................................

I'm now a..............................................................................


The lovely and talented Kellie, owner of Scrap Needs has asked me to be on her design team! I said yes of course!!!LOL I know I'm going to just love working with Kell and the other fabulou girls on the DT. Roz, Erica, Mishell and Jen! And getting to know all the wonderful girls on the forum, they have made me feel so welcome already!

Some more news is that one of my layouts in my 2peas gallery has been picked up for a digi scraplift challenge, thanks Rach for pointing it out to me! Here is my layout:

And here are some links to some of the digi scraplifts.

Thanks also for the lovely comment everyone left about the layout I did for Julie!

Wow Chris, I'm am so happy for you. congratulations of being chosen for a the DT on scrap needs.
They will be rapt with you.No wonder 2peas girls are loving your work.
many many congrats to you chris for being picked up by scrap needs - geez they must have a great eye for talent over that way.
and haven't you heard...scraplifting is a BIG no-no...ROTFL

Hi Chris!!

A HUUUUUGE congrats to you on the Scrapneeds selection!! Its a great site and great team!! Well done. Look forward to seeing your creations!!

Oh that layout is too beautiful.. and how cool what an honor to be lifted!! and WTG girl you so rock!! I'm glad you've been snatched up by Scrap Needs.. cannot wait to see even more infuriating *sneaks* in the future, when we all just want to see the whole thing.. lol.. Congrats and well deserved!!!
very cool Chris!! congratulations on the DT spot!! I will have to come and check you out over there
Woohoo!!! WTG Chris, scrapneeds are so lucky to have a talented designer like you join thier team.
Congrats on being picked to be scraplifted too...you LO is georgeous can see why the wanted it.

BTW I still haven't recieved my RAK yet Chris, but that's NZ rural deliveries for you lol!!!!
I will email you as soon as it arrives.
WOW!! I love the LO chris - It is stunning!!
And huge congrats on the DT - i for one cant wait to see some more of your gorgeous work over at scrap needs!!!
Oh congratulations Chris!!

I am so jealous! Scrap Needs are so lucky to have you. Will you still come and play with me again one month?
that is great News Chris, I cant wait to see what you do.
Love the LO too!
Hi Chris.. me again the link checker :) your links are a bit fooey again, this time you have an extra http:// infront of them all in your post
Again a huge congrats and look forward to seeing your gorgeous LO's and idea and getting know you better and have heaps more laughs.
CONGRATS Chris!!! you will be an awesome DT member of an already super DT :0) looking forward to seeing your work

Congratulations Chris. See, you just never know what's around the corner.
Congrats Chris :))
Bloomin heck girl you are just darn popular for your own good, ROFL!!!. CONGRATS Chris I knew someone would "grab" you quick smart you have too much talent to waste.
Love the LO, CONGRATS on the scraplift, Woo Hoo Girl you are on a roll at the moment.

Trac x
Congratulations Chris!!

That is awesome news :)
haha yeap have seen you all over the digi world missy!!! Very cool indead - and I get to say I knew you when ;) ROFL

Supper congrats on the Scrap Needs team!! I know a few girls on the actual forum there [brisbane girls too - over you way actually] I'm sure you are going to have a lot o fun over there!!! Can't wait to see what you get up to on the Scrap Needs team!
yipeee Chirs, that is awesome news!! You'll have fun!! Congrats!
YAY Chris...knew it wouldn't be long !! Funny that three of my four scrapping idols are on the same team now !!! What awesome talent Scrapneeds has. Will be popping in regularly to see all yours and their work !!!
Hope it all works out really well for you.

Debbie K
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